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By Cherokee Billie.

Magic, miracles, manifest themselves every day. Recently I was looking up the most hit keywords for my website and I put in the keyword “love psychic.” Well what popped up was “Love spells.” That keyword is far more popular than anything to do with psychic readings. Apparently people are paying for love spells and it is a large moneymaking industry.

Here is what I know; the only magic that exists comes from The Divine Creator and the Angels. By paying for a magic spell you are taking the power away from Spirit and yourself and giving someone else control in your life. You are enabling someone to have power over your life.

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You! If you truly believe this you would understand that you have the connection to the Divine Creator and that your prayers and thoughts are far more powerful, because you have the connection, than someone you do not know casting a spell for you. All Prayers are heard. You may not get exactly what you want, but The Creator knows what you need for your personal growth. Prayers are answered in many different ways.

Remember negative energies attach themselves to people and you can take care of removing the negative energy from your life, but how can you remove it from someone who is casting a spell for you? By paying for a magick spell you are saying that someone else is more powerful than you and that you are helpless. This is playing with your life and you should not turn control over to someone else.

If you have fallen in love with someone it is your free will at work allowing you to choose love. It is important to remember that free will is one of the main players in romantic love.

There is no magick spell that can cause someone to love you. If you think about it would you really want someone to love you because of a magical spell? No, you would want them to love you for you. For more information read my article on The Free Will of Love.

By receiving a psychic reading you are not giving control of your life away. The psychic is merely telling you what the potential for the future can be. The person receiving the reading can take the information they receive and do with it what they choose. There is nobody controlling them.

Before you plunk down your money for a magic spell why don’t you contact the Divine Creator, the Ancestors, and the Angels first and see what they do for you. Miracles happen every day and your miracle could be on its way to you right now!

Comments on: "Do You Believe In Magick Spells?" (2)

  1. Billie…No! I do not believe in magick spells! They most definately are a money making sceme! Yes, I believe that there are witches with powers, but these powers are not of God!
    If you were to take a poll of people who have paid for spells how many came thru? People have free will and if you are strong willed how can a witch cast a spell on you??? If you are that desperate demons will help you for free!!!
    Spell casters are wolves in sheeps clothing! Beware!

    • Dear Barney:
      Powers can be used for good and bad be it by a witch or anyone else. I believe those who practice privately are probably using The Divine energy. But if people had that much power with magic spells there would be so many changes in this world such as no poverty, perfect health, and happiness. The majority of magic spells that are advertised seemed to be big business. I appreciate your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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