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Special Announcement

I’m Going to Be On the Radio! Join me on Pathfinder’s Way Radio Show with host Skye MacKenna on Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

Just go to and call in for a Live Psychic Reading from Me!

People can also call in without being on their computers. The call-in numbers are In Phoenix and worldwide – 1-602-412-4949 Toll-free in all 50 states and Canada – 1-888-235-7374

Cherokee Billie’s Proven Weight Loss Program

Here’s the program that I have used successfully, being a Naturopathic doctor, over many years to help my clients lose weight.

The most successful weight loss I had by a client was 100lb. following this program.

Jim Morrison’s ghost

This video is quite fascinating. You can see from the negative that this is not been altered through computer technology. It’s quite clear the image of Jim Morrison. I know that his spirit is still very active on this planet.

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