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Enjoying My Medical Intuitive Service

I am thoroughly enjoying doing the Medical Intuitive Service. It’s been about a year since I added this service and it is so rewarding. I practiced as a doctor of Naturopathic medicine for almost twenty years and it’s wonderful to be able to use my abilities to help others.

Last night I had a lady call me for this service. She sent me a photograph of her self, which is extremely beneficial. As soon as I saw the photograph I knew that she had a severe thyroid problem. When we got on the phone for our session I told her that immediately. She replied, “You got it.”

From there we discussed everything she has been doing and I added other modalities that she could incorporate to improve her condition. At the end of the conversation I found out that she was a practicing psychic and that really blew my mind. It was wonderful to connect with someone so quickly and find out that they understand intuitive work.

I received a nice e-mail from her, this morning, thanking me for what I discovered and how she plans on following the outline of different modalities she can do to improve for condition. This just makes me feel wonderful! I look forward to a follow up from her in the future and hear about her improvement.

This morning I received another e-mail from a lady, that I don’t remember, who I did a psychic reading for over two years ago and I told her at the time that I got that she had Fibromyalgia. She wrote me this morning to say that three weeks ago the medical doctors diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia. She just wanted me to know that I had picked it up long ago and wanted to thank me. I honestly don’t remember this particular lady, but it was so heartwarming to know that I had done a good job and someone remembered me enough to thank me.

One of the things I find lacking in this world now a days is people taking the time to say thank you. So to these two special ladies I want to say thank you for letting me know that I was beneficial and accurate.

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My Interesting Spiritual Week

I have had many spirits visit me this week. As a Psychic Medium I am used to seeing spirits frequently, but this was different, this was powerful direct communication.

It has been a while since I last saw Jesus, but he suddenly materialized in front of me the other day. I tell you it is a humbling experience and the sensation is so peaceful there are absolutely no words to describe this experience. I spoke with him and he spoke back offering words of comfort and support. Then he was gone. I began to pray because I knew that his appearance was signaling something major was about to happen. I felt so renewed afterwards. It was just a question of time to find out what he was bringing to me.

The other night I could feel that I had a direct connection to Spirit and could channel anyone at that moment. I was on the phone with a dear friend, who had lost a son as a murder victim, and I asked if she wanted to hear from him. Of course she did, and the words were just flowing out of me nonstop, from her son. When the messages stopped from him I told her that that was the most direct connection I had never experienced with him before. I have channeled him many times and it’s always been good communication between us.

I said to my friend, “Well, since I am on such a role I wonder if I can hear from my father.” I never think of channeling for myself. I always figure that if my father has anything to say to me he will speak. The minute I closed my eyes I could hear him talking quickly and clearly to me. I told my friend I had to go because I wanted to hear everything he had to say. My father spoke to me for about five minutes. The tears could not stop as I tried my best to soak in every word that he was saying. He left me feeling so encouraged and to hear him again was the greatest gift I could ever have. It is quite obvious that Jesus visit was a way for me to start personally connecting to the person that I love most in Spirit.

I have felt so much more peaceful after these wonderful experiences. I just thought I would share a little bit about what is going on for me personally in my spiritual life.

I always find that channeling for others leaves me feeling happy. I know that I have brought to them closure and peace of mind. Out of all my Psychic Abilities this is the one that brings the most joy to my life.

It is so interesting to see what happens when yield yourself completely to Spirit. So what is going on in your spiritual life?

Look for the Light in Others

When we think of the word light, we normally think of it as being something that turns night into day, a switch on the wall that enables us to see in a dark room, or a shade of color. We usually spell ‘light’ with a lowercase ‘l’ or an uppercase ‘L’ if it is a proper name or at the start of a sentence. But there is another way that the word light is used with a capital ‘L’.

In this instance, Light refers to God, God’s love, God’s grace and compassion and the God Light within all of us. Our God Light shines more brightly in some than in others. When you look for the Light in others, it’s seeing them as your equal, your brother or sister, regardless of race or other factors, and realizing that we all come from the same ‘parents’.

Look for the Light in others and it will change how you see them and how you see yourself. You will have greater empathy and understanding of humanity. You will no longer judge their circumstances and life choices as wrong, but will desire to help them instead. Look for the Light in others and you will better see the Light in yourself.


BE WHO YOU ARE AT YOUR HEART LEVEL. Be authentic. Seek to be authentic. Be impeccable with all things, people, words, actions, thoughts. Move into this piece by piece. Choice by choice comfortably. It is a step by step journey of which you must allow yourself to be gentle with yourself and not judge yourself. Purge yourself of emotions, people, conditions, thoughts, jobs, relationships that do not resonate with you. Let yourself be and let all others be.

Follow your own higher heart, despite what anyone may say, think, do, comment, look, or ridicule. (This can be tough, but the Light always outshines)

Your higher heart is your connection to your Divinity and will guide you lovingly on your path, but your mind, your head…well, it is only existing in a small limited programmed place of many falsehoods and 3 dimensional (when there are endless dimensions) space. The heart travels all places and spaces of Gods’ creation and functions from the HIGHEST levels. Tune into for that connection, loving guidance and support.


Blessings to all upon this holy day, holy as each always are.
The One

The Legend of White Buffalo Woman

This is a central myth of the Plains tribes, especially the Lakota, or Sioux. It tells how the Lakota first received their sacred pipe and the ceremony in which to use it. It has often been related, for example by Black Elk, Lame Deer and Looks for Buffalo.

In the days before the Lakota had horses on which to hunt the buffalo, food was often scarce. One summer when the Lakota nation had camped together, there was very little to eat. Two young men of the Itazipcho band – the ‘Without-Bows’ – decided they would rise early and look for game. They left the camp while the dogs were still yawning, and set out across the plain, accompanied only by the song of the yellow meadowlark.

After a while the day began to grow warm. Crickets chirruped in the waving grass, prairie dogs darted into their holes as the braves approached, but still there was no real game. So the young men made towards a little hill from which they would see further across the vast expanse of level prairie. Reaching it, they shielded their eyes and scanned the distance, but what they saw coming out of the growing heat haze was something bright, that seemed to go on two legs, not four. In a while they could see that it was a very beautiful woman in shining white buckskin.

As the woman came closer, they could see that her buckskin was wonderfully decorated with sacred designs in rainbow-colored porcupine quills. She carried a bundle on her back, and a fan of fragrant sage leaves in her hand. Her jet-black hair was loose, except for a single strand tied with buffalo fur. Her eyes were full of light and power, and the young men were transfixed.

Now one of the men was filled with a burning desire. ‘What a woman!’ he said sideways to his friend. ‘And all alone on the prairie. I’m going to make the most of this!’

‘You fool,’ said the other. ‘This woman is holy.’

But the foolish one had made up his mind, and when the woman beckoned him towards her, he needed no second invitation. As he reached out for her, they were both enveloped in a great cloud. When it lifted, the woman stood there, while at her feet was nothing but a pile of bones with terrible snakes writhing among them.

‘Behold,’ said the woman to the good brave. ‘I am coming to your people with a message from Tatanka Oyate, the buffalo nation. Return to Chief Standing Hollow Horn and tell him what you have seen. Tell him to prepare a tipi large enough for all his people, and to get ready for my coming.’

The young man ran back across the prairie and was gasping for breath as he reached his camp. With a small crowd of people already following him, he found Standing Hollow Horn and told him what had happened, and that the woman was coming. The chief ordered several tipis to be combined into one big enough for his band. The people waited excitedly for the woman to arrive.

After four days the scouts posted to watch for the holy woman saw something coming towards them in a beautiful manner from across the prairie. Then suddenly the woman was in the great lodge, walking round it in a sun wise direction. She stopped before Standing Hollow Horn in the west of the lodge, and held her bundle before him in both hands.

‘Look on this,’ she said, ‘and always love and respect it. No one who is impure should ever touch this bundle, for it contains the sacred pipe.’

She unrolled the skin bundle and took out a pipe, and a small round stone which she put down on the ground.

‘With this pipe you will walk on the earth, which is your grandmother and your mother. The earth is sacred, and so is every step that you take on her. The bowl of the pipe is of red stone; it is the earth. Carved into it and facing the centre is the buffalo calf, who stands for all the four-leggeds. The stem is of wood, which stands for all that grows on the earth. These twelve hanging feathers from the Spotted Eagle stand for all the winged creatures. All these living things of the universe are the children of Mother Earth. You are all joined as one family, and you will be reminded of this when you smoke the pipe. Treat this pipe and the earth with respect and your people will increase and prosper.’

The woman told them that seven circles carved on the stone represented the seven rites in which the people would learn to use the sacred pipe. The first was for the rite of ‘keeping the soul’, which she now taught them. The remaining rites they would learn in due course.

The woman made as if to leave the lodge, but then she turned and spoke to Standing Hollow Horn again. ‘This pipe will carry you to the end. Remember that in me there are four ages. I am going now, but I will look on your people in every age, and at the end I will return.’

She now walked slowly around the lodge in a sun wise direction. The people were silent and filled with awe. Even the hungry young children watched her, their eyes alive with wonder. Then she left. But after she had walked a short distance, she faced the people again and sat down on the prairie. The people gazing after her were amazed to see that when she stood up she had become a young red and brown buffalo calf. The calf walked further into the prairie, and then lay down and rolled over, looking back at the people.

When she stood up she was a white buffalo. The white buffalo walked on until she was a bright speck in the distant prairie, and then rolled over again, and became a black buffalo. This buffalo walked away, stopped, bowed to the four directions of the earth, and finally disappeared over the hill.

15 Great Ways to Enjoy Springtime

Everyday Things
Spend 5 minutes each day relaxing and meditating
At first just concentrate on your surroundings, the sensations in your body and the feeling of tension dissolving. As you get into the habit you may like to play music or a visualization CD, and extend the time to half an hour. But always remember that ten minutes per day are worth much more than an hour at the weekends – your subconscious is a creature of habit and responds best to repetition.

Get outside in the fresh air for 5 to 10 minutes a day
Walk, take deep breaths, do stretches. As time goes by, try to increase this, so that you walk, or run for up to half an hour. Make sure you get out into nature each week. If you are a city-dweller make this a weekend routine.

Treat yourself …
To a massage or full spa break.

If you feel under the weather …
Try acupuncture to realign your energy-pattern.

If you find it hard to think positive …
Try hypnotherapy with Cherokee Billie for a wonderfully relaxing experience that can change your mind at a deep level.

Sign up for a yoga class
It does wonders for all sorts of complaints, increases your sense of the spiritual and can help you lose weight.

Choose an exercise that you like, and do it.
Dancing to your favorite tunes every day for ten minutes in your living room is much better than taking out an expensive gym subscription that goes to waste. Be honest with yourself about what you like and can realistically accomplish.

Avoid diets
It’s so negative being told what you can’t eat and having to plan calories can have you obsessing constantly about food. Instead focus on positives. Make sure you drink two liters of water per day and have loads of fruit and vegetables. You won’t have the room, or the inclination, to eat bad stuff.

Ancient Rituals

Rub essential oil of range …
into a candle, or heat it in an oil-diffuser. It will lift your spirits.

Leave a glass of water in the spring sunshine …
for half an hour, then drink the energy of the growing light.

Light a bright yellow candle
Watch the flame. Imagine the resurgence of life within the earth and imagine that the light of the sun is shining from your own solar plexus. Say “I welcome the bright sun, inside and outside.”

Wear sunstone …
to combat seasonal affective disorder.

Try ginseng and/or licorice …
To banish fatigue, green tea for oomph, peppermint or rosemary teas for gentle stimulation. Avoid anything that contains caffeine, for the temporary high will be followed by a low. (Always read labels and consult a professional if you are using ginseng or licorice for more than a couple of weeks)

To combat fatigue and lethargy…
Use acupressure (a softer form of acupuncture, using pressure alone) Press the ‘valley’ of softer tissue between the hard skin located below your big toe and other area of hard skin below your other four toes. Press hard and deep, ten times, both feet. Practice this, as the area becomes more sensitive with stimulation.

Use Bach Flower Remedy hornbeam…
To relieve that “Monday morning” feeling.

Twelve Steps to Healthy Eating

1. Eat lots of cooked vegetables including green leafy vegetables.

2. Eat mostly cooked and warm foods where possible (with occasional salads). Use foods prepared within 24 hours when possible.

3. Eat meals on a regular schedule where possible.

4. Eat fruit on occasion only and separate from meals when possible. Slightly more fruit in the warmer months and very little in the colder months.

5. Gradually cut back on dairy or cut it out entirely. Try to limit dairy (eventually) to occasional yogurt or kefir from a natural food store. (Unhomgenized milk is preferable when used.)

6. Eat miso soup several times per week and include the occasional use of other traditionally fermented dishes.

7. Gradually eliminate foods with additives, preservatives, caffeinated products, coloring, MSG/hydrolyzed proteins, artificial sweeteners (aspartame, neotame, acesulfame-k, sucralose, etc.), and chemical names in the ingredient list that you are not sure of. Shopping regularly at a natural foods store will make it much easier to find such products. The occasional “treat” can be replaced with healthier “treats” from a natural food store.

8. Determine with some experimentation what balance of vegetables and sea vegetables, whole grains, fish/fowl, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, juices, herbal teas/coffee substitutes/spring water, and treats/snacks works best for you. You may decide to regularly take a concentrated food supplement or individual supplements (e.g., magnesium, calcium, B Vitamins) until your health and nutrition plan improves. Use health food store natural supplements without additives sweeteners, fillers, etc.

9. Shop for foods at a natural food store and wherever possible, purchase organic foods. If you need to, purchase staple foods via mail-order outlets.

10. Purchase natural foods cookbooks to help you with cooking techniques and recipes. Locate ethnic and other restaurants with healthy foods so you can give yourself a break from time to time.

11. Food cravings can be handled best by using holistic healing tools such as taking classes in yoga, meditation, moderate exercise, supplements and using a Twelve Stop Program (e.g., Overeater’s Anonymous) for addictions. Getting small, regular amounts of protein at meals (e.g., legumes, fish, tofu, chicken, turkey, etc.) can help reduce sugar and other cravings.

12. When cooking and eating (including eating at restaurants) try to have a spirit of love and joy in your heart and serenity in your mind. Of course, this isn’t always possible; so just do the best you can.

If you would like further help with your diet for healthier lifestyle please check out my Medical Intuitive Service . I am a doctor of Naturopathic medicine and am familiar with most conditions. I Believe That Food Is The Best Medicine! Let me show you how.

The Legend of the Shamrock

Long ago, when Ireland was the land of Druids, there was a great Bishop, Patrick by name, who came to teach the word of God throughout the country. This St. Patrick—for he was indeed a saint—was well loved everywhere he went. One day, however, a group of his followers came to him and admitted that it was difficult for them to believe in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

St. Patrick reflected a moment and then, stooping down, he plucked a leaf from the shamrock and held it before them, bidding them to behold the living example of the “Three-in-One.” St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The simple beauty of this explanation convinced these skeptics, and from that day the shamrock has been revered throughout Ireland.

A four-leaf clover has always been considered a symbol of good luck in Irish culture. According to legend, the leaves of a four-leaf clover represent hope, faith, and love, and God added another leaf for luck.

St. Patrick chose the shamrock from Ireland’s greenest land to teach of Father, Son and Spirit so that we could understand. May you be blessed with all God’s gifts on St. Patrick’s Day and always.

Bible Verse: Psalm 19:1
The heavens are telling the glory of God;
and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.

The Farther One Travels the Less You Know

The Tao Te Ching, passage 47:

“Without going outside his door, one understands (all that takes place) under the sky; Without looking out from his window, one sees the Tao of Heaven.

The farther that one goes out (from ones self), the less he knows.

Therefore the sages got their knowledge without traveling; Gave their (right) names to things without seeing them; And accomplished their ends without any purpose of doing so.”

This beautiful teaching was captured by George Harrison; please listen to this insightful song and absorb the message from the words and the vibration of the music.

Thank You Mother Earth!

“We return thanks to our mother,the earth, which sustains us.

We return thanks to the rivers and streams which supply us with water.

We return thanks to all herbs, which furnish medicines
for the cure of our diseases.

We return thanks to the corn, and to her sisters,
the beans and squashes, which give us life. …

We return thanks to the sun, that he has looked upon the earth with a beneficent eye.

Lastly, we return thanks to the Great Spirit, in who is embodied all goodness, and who directs all things for the good of his children.”

~ Iroquois traditional

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