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When I’m 64

10389185_714114448659481_4178779369894029364_nI cannot help but think of the Beatles song ‘When I’m 64’ as I turn 64 today and it still amazes me that I’m here.  I never thought I would make it past 30 years of age and now to live so long is something.

Looking back over my life I had some good times, but unfortunately the last 30 years have been difficult because of severe health problems. What I’m most grateful for is the fact that I’ve been able to help and inspire people no matter what my situation has been.

I would like to thank all of you in your support of my efforts in reaching out to people from all walks of life to encourage and enlighten them on their path.  I’m grateful that the work that I have been doing has helped people that I do not even know. It takes a lot of work to do social media every day, but I receive messages from people telling me that I have changed their life even though we have never spoken. There are days when I’m so sick or in so much pain that I do not feel like working on the Internet, but these messages, from people like you, keep me inspired and I know that I’m helping others.

People think that because you are doing spiritual work everything in your life should be perfect, but that’s not always the case. Many other spiritual workers have written to me telling me that they find themselves having illness and not sure how to proceed in their spiritual work feeling like they are somehow a failure. Everything happens for reason and I believe in my particular case that the hardships that I go through have been for the refining of my soul. I would never have known who I really was if life had been easy for me.

I thought of highlighting some of the key moments in my life.

  • Having the security of my parents
  • Seeing the Beatles live
  • Falling in love the first time
  • Seeing my first National Hockey League Game
  • Seeing Jimi Hendrix live
  • Living on my own
  • Getting married the first time
  • Becoming chronically ill at the age of 23
  • Getting divorced the first time
  • The loss of my little Parakeet Tweety
  • Getting married the second time
  • Getting divorced the second time
  • Finding metaphysics
  • Getting my Bachelor’s of Science Degree
  • Obtaining my Naturopathic Degree
  • The death of my mother
  • Practicing clinically as a Naturopathic
  • The loss of my dog Lady
  • Falling and injuring my hips
  • Becoming bedridden
  • The death of my father
  • Losing my father’s business
  • Practicing metaphysics
  • Writing my book
  • Being a Spiritual Advisor
  • Being an inspiration to others without trying
  • Losing Isis

These seem to be the key moments in my life. Of course there’s so much more to one’s life, but I’m not sure what all to say. If you want to know the details of my life check out my book and listen to me read a chapter of my book by Clicking Here.

I do want to thank those of you who have followed me over the years and contributed to some special moments in my life. I thank all of my clients who I have taught and have taught me.

I am grateful to everyone that has used my services privately. As a small business person this recession has really hit my business tremendously. The feedback that I receive tells me that I have helped people on their path and given them direction.

This quotation from the song by Frank Sinatra I feel pretty much sums up my life. “Let the record show I took the blows and did it my way.”

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month!

may-12May 12 is the designated Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.  Throughout the month of May please share awareness about Fibromyalgia.  Several years ago Fibromyalgia was a disability categorized as “psychological”. Now it is recognized as a very real physical condition that affects every aspect of a person’s life.

It’s hard to understand how it feels to be told you are mentally having a problem when your body will not perform what you are asking it to do. How can that possibly be mental? Patients were, in effect, being told it was “all in your head.” I went through this with people I knew once I became unable to function because of Fibromyalgia.  Everyone wants to tell you that you just need to get up and do something and you will feel better.  They don’t understand you barely have the strength to make it to the bathroom and back. It is often hard to get emotional support from your family and friends.

Fortunately, the medical field has produced enough research to re-classify it as a true physical disability that is often paired with studies and treatments for arthritis and rheumatism. No longer can people say that it is in your head.

Fibromyalgia basically means pain in the muscles, tendons and ligaments. It affects mostly women and up to 4% of the general population.

People with FMS have the additional stress and frustration in their lives of trying to explain (all the time) why today they can do almost anything and the next day they can barely get out of bed. Depression is a frequent side-effect of FMS and who can question it? Living with a body-wide toothache-like pain constantly is something only fellow sufferers can truly understand.

Niagara Falls will be PURPLE from 10:15 to 10:30 PM EST May 12th for Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. You can watch this event live by Clicking Here

I have made a video showing what my life is like daily living as a bedridden invalid because of Fibromyalgia and an accident to my hips. Please watch this video because I believe it’s more powerful then words alone.

I need your support more than ever.  Find out why by Clicking Here

My prayers go out to everyone who is affected by this condition as I understand it well having lived with it for over 40 years. Please spread the word and let the world know about Fibromyalgia.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


Full Flower Moon May 04, 2015

flower-moon-copia copiaThe biggest and brightest full moon of the year arrives Monday night as our celestial neighbor passes closer to Earth than usual. May 4, 2015 at 03:42 UTC

As soon as the sun sets on May 4, check out the full moon rising in the east. It’s traditionally known as the flower or milk moon by Native American cultures. Can you guess how this full Moon got its name? That’s right :) Flowers are becoming abundant now. They are literally everywhere. It can also be known as the Corn Planting Moon, the Milk Moon, and the Hare Moon. The Earth is most fertile right now so it’s time to start planting!

This closeness will also make the moon appear a bit bigger in the sky than usual, hence the name “supermoon.” While the visual effect may not be all that “super” to the unaided eye, it will offer some great photo opportunities for West Islanders with telephoto lenses, as it rises above the St. Lawrence River at sunset.

Let’s just hope for clear skies.

In terms of planet watching, two neighboring planets – Mars and Saturn – dominate high in the southern sky long after dusk all month long.

Look just to the lower right of orange hued Mars and find the 78-light-yeardistant brilliant white star named Regulus, the brightest member of the constellation Leo.

Saturn is to the far lower left of Mars in the southern sky after sunset. The ringed planet appears as a brilliant yellow colored star. Amazing to think that we see this 1.5-billion-kilometre-distant gas giant, like we do all the other planets on display, due to sunlight reflecting of its surface.

Just like the Red Planet, Saturn is also paired with a bright star; its companion, shining just below is 263-light-year-distant Spica, in the constellation Virgo.

Meantime, Venus is still the brightest in the western evening skies.

As the month progresses, observers will notice that it is making a steady plunge toward the glow of the sunset each progressive night. But by training a steadily held pair of binoculars or a small telescope at the planet, its crescent shape is easily revealed under high magnification.

It’s a great night to plant something in the garden. Get a baby sapling and plant it in honor of this full moon! Bring fresh flowers into your house, or design a headband made of flowers for yourself.

The energy on the night of a full moon is very powerful. It’s a perfect night to recharge your energy.

So let the emphasis to be on you! Use this night to draw down the energy of the moon and empower yourself for your work and what you wish throughout the month.

Don’t miss this wonderful evening!

The full moon is the perfect time to let go of the past and one of the best ways you can do this is by using the burning bowl ceremony. Watch the video for instructions.

Full moon blessings my friends!
Cherokee Billie


What are The Crystal Children?

Crystal childrenCrystal Children, as the name suggests, are beautiful inside and out. They are radiant babies, eyes aglow with a profound and trusting gaze. Take one look at one of these children, and you will immediately see that they have been bestowed with special gifts. It can take a special parent to notice the sensitive nature of their child and recognize them as a Crystal, but parenting them is a joy and should be celebrated.

The origin of the name “Crystal Children” has been debated, however some agree that it is derived from the Crown Chakra, which is the chakra most closely aligned with the Creator. Crystal Children are the highest evolved beings, and can come off like little wise gurus at first impression. Their auras are often opalescent and multi-hued, and they radiate a warm, inviting energy in addition to their sage spirit. Sometimes their sensitivity to the world can be misunderstood—Crystals are often judged by medical personnel as having “abnormal” or autistic speech patterns. They may use a combination of sounds and signs, as well as telepathy, to communicate their messages. But it is important that we listen closely.

Crystal Children, as with their Indigo counterparts, are thought to contain a very powerful spirit, enhanced by the possession of a divine inner light. Indigos are endowed with both the strength and sensitivity needed to forge new paths in the world. They are born with the purpose of re-imagining our government, our educational systems, and to do away with other outdated and discriminatory practices.

Like Indigos, Crystal Children often have a difficult time assimilating to the rest of the world. Most were born within recent years and are still very young—none over twenty years old. As babies, they are highly telepathic, and may not fully develop speech until they are 4 years old. If a mother is in touch with her Crystal baby, they will be able to communicate intuitively almost exclusively with nonverbal signs most effectively. These children are very sensitive and may feel over stimulated if in loud and chaotic environments. Unlike Indigos, Crystal Children are almost always easy-going and even-tempered, with clear and benevolent intentions. They are the next generation, the first new wave of children who will reap the benefits of the Indigos initial “breaking away” from the old world order. Their “crystal clear” vision permits them to follow this path with bliss and joy.

It’s common for Crystal Children to be able to perceive the moon and stars before anyone else and their connection to nature reveals itself elsewhere as well. Some children have been known to communicate closely with trees and plants, appreciating their existence as they would of a friend. They love outdoor play, spending hours among rocks, flowers, and water. The calm perfection of nature can be a refuge for the Crystal Child, as he or she operates above the petty squabbles which adults so often succumb to.

Intuitively, Crystal Children are aware of the healing properties of crystals.  These healing tools can be invaluable for retaining a nourished, healthy aura, and parents of Crystal Children will often find that their babies are enamored with these objects. Naturally gifted with a healing touch, Crystals are known to radiate a calm that spreads to all in the presence.

These children will usher us into a new era of consciousness. Their messages are extremely important, and should not be subdued with psychiatric drugs or medications. Communicate with a Crystal Child, and take part in the infinite wonder afforded to them by the spirit world. They are the next step in our progression to higher levels of human connection.

I have worked with many parents who have autistic children and some of them are definitely Crystal Children and when I explain this to the parents it helps them to understand their child far more than they did before. This awareness can help the parents bring out the most in their special child.

Here are some suggestions that can help the Crystal Child and the parent.

Most people do not spend enough time attending to their personal spiritual needs and these special children need more than most.

Deep Breathing.  It is vital to teach your crystal or indigo child deep breathing.  This will help them calm down when they have had a scary or have become highly emotional.  Have them breathe in through the nose, breathing in positive energy and have them exhale all negative emotions through the mouth. Tell them to blow hard through the mouth.  You can make this a fun game and do it along with them.  If more people did deep breathing there would be a lot less stress in the world.

Smudging is an excellent way to cleanse your house, body, and spirit of any negative vibrations.  This should be done on a regular basis especially after there has been disruptions such as a tantrum, fight, are many people in your home.  You can do this as often as you like, I recommend a minimum of at least once a week.  This can be done daily.

Teach crystal children how to use the White Light.  Because crystal children are highly tuned there energy picks up emotions quickly.  It’s important to keep them surrounded in the perfect beauty of the White Light.  You can teach them how to surround themselves in this protective shield of White Light.  Do this every morning and especially before bedtime.

Exercise is important for everyone, but Crystal Children need to burn off the extra energy that they pick up.  This helps them to release many emotions that they hold inside.  Start with something simple like dancing or gymnastics. It’s also good for them to go for walks in nature and connect to that energy.  You can then in time move into something different.  The main thing is to keep them moving and not become stagnant.

Maintain Nature in your home.  Keep plants, rocks, crystals, aquariums and other beautiful natural things in your home.  This will keep your Crystal Child connected to nature and bring them peace.

Quiet Space: have a room in your house that is quiet with no electronics of any sort as crystal Children tend to pick up the energy from electronics.  Allow this room to be just for them.  Have them do things that they love such as artwork, reading, puzzles, Legos, when you remove them from electronics you will see a change in their behavior.

Epsom Salts Baths are extremely healing as they pull toxins from the physical body and also helps to clear negative energies.  Give your child an Epsom Salts Bath nightly and you will see a tremendous change.

Avoid using chemicals in your home.  These chemicals not only are toxic to the body, but to the mind.

Maintain a relaxed mood using relaxing music have this playing on low in the background at home. Chaotic loud music is only going to disturb their energy. It is advisable to keep electrical stuff out of their bedrooms to protect your children from the energy that these electronic devices send out. Doing this will help them to sleep more peacefully.

Using Energy Healing.  Your hands can contain enormous healing energy when your intention is set correctly.  Placing your hands along the spine of your child and gently massaging can make a big difference.  Using crystals, Chakra Balancing, sound energy, such as wind chimes, can help bring about balancing, rejuvenating and empowering not just Crystals, but for all of us!

If you would like a private session with me to learn more about the possibilities of your child being a crystal child please arrange an appointment and I will give you the answers on learning how to work with these special children.

Many Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

The Many Faces of Ghosts.

Ghosts are the souls/spirits of people who have died and have not gone into the light – in other words crossed over to their proper plane of existence. They were once human and now they are spirits.

In my latest video I discuss the following:

  • What are ghosts?
  • Why some souls do not cross over.
  • Helping lost souls to go into the light
  • Personal experiences with ghosts
  • What are demons?
  • The difference between ghosts and demons

So take a few minutes and watch my video. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


Who Opened The Front Door?


I was doing my normal thing last night working quietly on my computer at 8:00 PM when I heard my front door open and the alarm go off and then the door immediately close.  To say I was freaked out is an understatement.  My heart was going a hundred miles an hour and I immediately called my adopted son Rene and told him someone had entered the apartment.  He said, “I’m on my way.”

Because of being robbed two years ago I have a wrought iron security door on my bedroom entrance and I knew that whoever entered could not get in to where I was.  Yet, it did not stop the fear from running through my body.  Thinking someone was in my apartment was way more than I could take.  Rene called me and told me that my neighbor had called him and said that my front door was not closed and they had opened and closed it.  He still was on his way over.

The last person who had left my apartment was my physical therapist Carmen and she did not lock the door.  This is not the first time this has happened with Carmen.  She’s always in such a hurry and her mind going is going nonstop.  She cannot even pause for ten seconds to make sure that she has locked my door knowing that I am here all alone.

In September, 2014 I had a bad fall and had to have 24 hour a day care giving.  I have been bedridden for 25 years and I have to pay people to take care of me.  Normally I can get along on my own at night, but after this accident I had to have round the clock care.  I hired a young woman to stay with me at night and she seemed intelligent and nice.  Considering the situation I wasn’t thinking clearly because I was concerned about being able to walk again, because I could not walk at all after this fall.  She came with good references.  Within two weeks she showed her true self because she would come back after being off for one day with the smell of alcohol heavy on her and she acted like a completely different person.  Totally hostile.  I knew she was doing cocaine.

Rene did his best to talk to her about her behavior and get her to do the job correctly. She did okay for another three weeks and then she became totally out of control. I had to let her go even though I still needed somebody here at nights I did not have a choice.

From the moment she was let go suddenly I started having vandalism every night on my property outside of my apartment. I have an air conditioner compressor inside of a cage, Propane tanks inside of a cage, and batteries, also inside of a cage, that run a back up emergency energy supply in case of no power. The high tensile strength locks were being broken and having to be replaced. The vandals attempted to cut the air conditioner hoses on so many occasions that we had to place the hoses inside of a channel.  The cables on the batteries were being cut.  The screens on my windows were cut. This has been going on ever since September and there has been over 90 attempted vandalisms.

Monday morning Rene told me that a lock on my front door was damaged and the bolts were not closing correctly. He had to buy a whole new locking mechanism on Monday. I thought it was just old age because I have lived here for ten years.

When he arrived last night he talked to the neighbor who said their kids had accidentally hit against my door when they were playing and it opened. Rene then explained something I didn’t understand. The reason he had to change the lock on Monday was because someone had tried to break the lock using a screwdriver.

There is no question who is behind this – the former caregiver. She hangs out with gang bangers.  She’s having them come and do this vandalism knowing that it’s costing me money. Rene believes that she made duplicates of my keys and they had tried to open the front door with one of the keys. They don’t know that I changed the locks immediately after she was fired. The police have been contacted, and unless they catch them in the act there’s nothing they can do. They patrol the area, but they cannot be here every moment.

All of this is costing me a great deal of money and I am not generating that much in sales. It also is preying upon my nerves because I realize my vulnerable situation more than anyone, considering I can only walk a few steps with the help of my walker.

I have been content in this apartment for the last ten years.  Sure there will always be problems in life, but not this constant bombardment of problems. Every day it seems like there’s something new and now they’re trying to get into the apartment and not just to damage outside. Even if they can’t get into my room there’s a lot of damage they could do inside.

It is not often that I write about my life because it is hard for most people to understand having been bedridden and surviving without family. This time I just felt I had to write about something I’m encountering daily.

If you have enjoyed or benefited from the work I’ve been doing here for over seven years and would like to make a donation you can by Clicking HERE. I would be extremely grateful.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Happy Chinese New Year!

2015 goat

This is the year of the Goat/Sheep. You fall under this sign if you are born in the years 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, and 2003, This is your year, people born in the Year of the Sheep 2015. Be it business, love or health, everything will be in your favor this year!  People born in the year of the goat/sheep are mild mannered, pessimistic, shy, and sympathetic. Personality traits, such as creativity, dependability, intelligence, and calmness make them extremely charming to be with.

New Year’s Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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