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Cyber Monday Deal Starts November 24, 2018

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Cyber Monday Deals are here with my Special Spiritual Readings, Spiritual Classes, Chakra Balancing and my Yuletide/Christmas Reading for something truly different this Holiday Season.  If you are looking to pamper yourself with the Gift of Insights, Life Transforming Healing for the Mind, Spirit, and Body – I have something for you and those you love at amazing prices!

The holidays can be draining on the body, mind and spirit.  Kick back and do your shopping here on my website.  Be sure you take care of yourself during the holidays.  Rejuvenate with my remote Chakra balancing.  You will come out refreshed and energized.

Sales starts November 24, 2018 and ends at Midnight November 27, 2018. 4 days only!

15 Minute Spiritual Reading normally $35.00 discounted to $30.00.

30 Minute Spiritual Reading normally $70.00 discounted to $60.00

Pet Communication normally $70.00 discounted to $60.00

Yuletide/Christmas Reading normally $70.00 discounted to $60.00

Take time to get yourself aligned with my Remote Chakra Balancing.  Normally priced at $100.00 discounted to $75.00.

Free Giveaway with any Purchase during this Special Sale.  You can receive an Ebook of your choice as my thanks for your business.

Looking for that perfect out of the ordinary gift for someone special? Stumped for a holiday or “just because” kind of gift?  Give the gift of Spiritual knowledge to the person(s) who has everything! The gift of knowing and having a glimpse into the future can empower a person’s decisions and change their life for the better.

I am a Naturally Gifted Clairvoyant and do not use any tools for my services.  You will find a tremendous difference in the way that I work compared to any spiritual service you have used previously.  I look forward to being with you during the holidays.

Office Hours:
My office will be open throughout the holidays during my regular hours seven days a week.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or just need some guidance during the holidays give me a call.

Holiday blessings,
Cherokee Billie

A Childhood Memory – Billie’s First Vote

Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

A Childhood Memory - Billie’s First Vote. Click picture to read my memoir about voting for John Kennedy.
I was excited to be going with my mother to vote before elementary school. It is November 1960, and I was nine years old, and the presidential race has been very heated. Richard Nixon the current vice president is running against John Kennedy.

My parents are backing John Kennedy for President. He is controversial because of being Roman Catholic and very young. I really like John Kennedy. He looks and acts so exciting. He has a beautiful young wife and a daughter. He is nothing like boring old President Eisenhower. Every day in social studies we had to read about Eisenhower.

My friend, Shirley, had been teasing me for many months about John Kennedy. Shirley would sing, “Nixon’s in the White House ready to be elected. Kennedy’s in the trash can ready to be collected.” Shirley would sing this over and over in a mocking tone.

Whatever my parents think…

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Full Beaver Moon November 23, 2018 in Gemini

How will this Moon affect you? Learn More In My Video.


Remembering President John Kennedy 55 Years Later

via Remembering President John Kennedy 55 Years Later

A Landmark Milestone for Cherokee Billie


Whoa, I have reached 10,000 fans on YouTube! Just think about that – TEN THOUSAND people love my videos and support what I am all about. Please Join me in celebrating this monumental occasion. My Videos have been Viewed over One Million Times! For one little old lady that does these videos all by herself, that’s pretty darn good.

Most of you who follow me found me through YouTube.

If you have not checked out my YouTube Homepage Channel be sure to at the following link

My thanks to those of you who have been getting readings and are loyal clients. I am grateful that they have helped you and I appreciate your business. Be Sure and Check Out My Different ServiceseBooks, and other products at my website.

Many Blessings,

Cherokee Billie

Angel New Moon November 07, 2018


This is an incredibly powerful New Moon because it is guided and directed by the Angels. You will feel their presence in any type of ceremony or prayer that you do for the New Moon. A reminder you do not have to see the new moon or even do your spiritual work at night because the new moon occurs throughout the day and night.

Ask the angels to help you release and be freed from all of these emotions that have kept you prisoner. Learn how to work with the angels 

Increase your Abundance by learning how to do an Abundance Check Ritual for the New Moon. All this and much more in my latest article.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Special Pre Black Friday Sale

Pre black Friday cut

Beat the crowds by shopping at home using my Special Pre Black Friday Sale. The closer we get to the holidays the more stressed out people tend to get. Take the time to relax and get the guidance you need now. I have discounted many of my Services and Products. Now is the time to buy the service you have been wanting before the holidays.

If you are looking to pamper yourself try the following:

  • Gift of Insights
  • Life Transforming Healing for the Mind, Spirit, and Body
  • Chakra Balancing,
  • Spiritual Cleansing
  • Spiritual Housecleaning

I can perform this service for you anywhere in the world. – I have something for you and those you love at amazing prices!

This offer ends on Sunday November 11, 2018 – So Act Now!

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It’s Time to Move the Clocks Backwards

Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

Fall Back Daylight Savings TimeIt’s time to “fall back” before you go to bed Saturday to return to Standard Time.

But many wonder why we have to go through this rigmarole each spring and fall, beyond the important reminder of changing the batteries in our smoke detectors.

Daylight saving time began in Europe during World War I to conserve energy, and then briefly migrated to the United States in 1918. It became a fixture in America after World War II.

The theory goes that by reducing the amount of indoor light used before bedtime, less electricity is used. A recent federal study found this to be the case. However, researchers have said the savings are negligible in modern, 24/7, computer-driven world, which I completely agree with.

In any case, synchronize with your community. Move clocks back an hour at 2 a.m. Sunday November 5, 2017.

The sun will rise and set earlier. But there…

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