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Winner of the March, 2009 e-mail contest

Dear Alicia:

Here are the easiest ways that you can increase your psychic power. Be patient and trust that it will come.

1.     Whenever the telephone rings, close your eyes and visualize the person who is calling.  Then pick up the phone and discover if you’re right.  Your accuracy will improve dramatically as you practice this exercise, and this exercise may help you develop your clairvoyant abilities in addition to intuition and precognition.

2.     When you stand in line at the bank, tell yourself which teller will serve you.  This exercise is similar to the first, but you can see your “target.”  This exercise helps you develop your intuition and your ability to psychically connect with others who are in close proximity.

3.     When you watch a sporting event, tell yourself the outcome before the event begins.  As you develop skill with this exercise, expand to predicting more statistics such as scores or top 5 placements in racing or judged events.  This exercise helps you develop your intuition, precognition, and clairvoyance.  Do not misuse this skill for personal gain, such as gambling, or you will likely lose your skill entirely.

4.     Have a friend roll a dice.  Begin by calling “even” or “odd” before the dice is thrown your accuracy will increase with practice.  Expand to call the number the dice will land on.  This exercise helps you develop your intuition, precognition and clairvoyance (specifically your ability to see numbers).

5.     Work with a friend and a standard deck of playing cards.  Begin by predicting black or red, and then have your friend turn over the top card of the deck.  Your accuracy will improve with practice.  When your accuracy is 80% or greater, expand to predict the suit, and later, the number or face of the card as well.  This exercise boosts your intuition, precognition, and clairvoyance (specifically colours and shapes).

6.     When you’re riding an elevator and another passenger joins you, tell yourself which button they’ll press.  This exercises helps you develop your intuition, precognition, clairvoyance (number recognition), telepathy, and your ability to connect with others psychically.

7.     In the morning, write down the names of people you will have important interactions or communications with that day.  Don’t rely on logic.  Clear your mind and allow faces or names to come to you naturally.  Trust it and write it down.  Using this exercise regularly will significantly improve your accuracy.

8.     When in line at the movies, tell yourself which movie the person or group ahead of you will request (if you overhear them say it, try again another time!).  This exercise helps you improve your intuition concerning the intentions, preferences and actions of others, and it can lead to developing telepathy and empathy.

9.     When you have a meeting or appointment, tell yourself the colour of clothing the other person will be wearing before you meet.  (This does not work for all people or situations.  For example, you can reasonably assume a doctor will be wearing white, or you may know someone always wears a particular colour.)  This exercise improves your clairvoyant abilities and could help you develop remote viewing skills as well.

10. Ask three friends a question (such as “what did you eat for breakfast?” or “where do you want to go on your next vacation?”)  Before you ask your questions, your friends must decide amongst themselves which one will answer falsely, and you must write down which friend will answer falsely.  Then you ask your question and listen to each friend reply.  Show them the name you wrote down before you asked the question.  This exercise helps you develop intuition, precognition and can lead to developing telepathy.  This skill is especially valuable in life the ability to recognize deception and even predict it can make your life, and the lives of many others, much smoother.


Once you have started doing the above exercises you will start seeing changes in your psychic awareness.


Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie



Get your Omega 3’s

Nutritional Salmon Patties


15-½ ounce canned Salmon

2 rice cakes

2 large eggs

1 medium zucchini grated


Crumble rice cakes to a small size [best way is in a blender, put rice cakes in blender turn on high for 20 seconds].on  Flake Salmon into bowl add zucchini, eggs and rice cakes.  Mix well.  Let mixture sit for five to ten minutes.  Form into patties.  Spray skillet with non-stick coating.  Heat skillet.  Place patties into skillet, grill till brown, turn over and grill till browned.


Serve hot or cold.  Can be frozen for later use.



The Origin of Medicine Native American Lore

I thought you would enjoy some of the ancient teachings that have been passed down. This is a wonderful story of The Origin of Medicine.

Come Join Me On Native American Traditions

We seek to live our lives in harmony with all, knowing that we share the world with beings and powers both visible and invisible. We strive to walk the good red road. It is the link that connects us with the spirit in all things. We celebrate the changing of the seasons and the great circle of life. We honor the Earth Mother, our connection to the sacred feminine. We honor the Sky Father for balance in the dance of life. We honor the GrandMother’s and GrandFather’s of the four directions and all the ancestors inbetween. We engage in ceremony, prayer, dancing, and singing to help us to join with the Great Spirit. We wish all peoples peace, love, light, joy, and laughter. We are Free Cherokee, independant and proud.

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