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As a spiritual advisor I receive more calls at this time of the year from people who are depressed and lonely, then any other time of the year.  Many people have lost loved ones and pets and feel so isolated.  They have nowhere to go and no one wants to spend time with them. Sometimes I’m the only person they have to talk to. So many feel suicidal because they feel their life has no meaning.  I feel such compassion for these people because I know what it feels like not to have family. My family has all passed away and my friends are scattered all over the world. I’m thankful to be able to help people during this critical time.



Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

December 8 marks 38 years since an assassin gunned down John Lennon as he was entering his apartment building, the Dakota, in New York City. He was not using drugs or doing anything dangerous, just going home after work with his wife to their child. He was only 40 years old. He is the first celebrity to be assassinated.

I fell in love with John Lennon, the artist, in 1964 when I was thirteen years old and saw the Beatles live at the Hollywood Bowl. None of the other Beatles held the attraction for me that John did. And as time went on the songs he wrote proved when a remarkable talent this man had along with an incredible wit.

Lennon revealed a rebellious nature and biting wit in his music, on film, in books, and at press conferences and interviews. He was controversial through his work as a peace…

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Dec. 07, 2018 New Moon


It’s hard to believe that this is our last New Moon of the year, and it’s in the wonderful sign of Sagittarius. This year has just flown by.  Sagittarius influence gives our spirit a lot of color and dimension. So, maybe that gives you some idea of how this New Moon might feel!

As we reach the last month of the year, it’s quite normal to start reflecting on where you have been, how far you have come this year, and wondering what lies ahead for the New Year.

Many of us will feel relieved to leave 2018 in the past.  With each New Year we have anticipation of what is to come and what we can do to improve our lives.

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Cyber_Monday 400_copia

Cyber Monday Deals are here with my Special Spiritual Readings, Spiritual Classes, Chakra Balancing and my Yuletide/Christmas Reading for something truly different this Holiday Season.  If you are looking to pamper yourself with the Gift of Insights, Life Transforming Healing for the Mind, Spirit, and Body – I have something for you and those you love at amazing prices!

The holidays can be draining on the body, mind and spirit.  Kick back and do your shopping here on my website.  Be sure you take care of yourself during the holidays.  Rejuvenate with my remote Chakra balancing.  You will come out refreshed and energized.

Sales starts November 24, 2018 and ends at Midnight November 27, 2018. 4 days only!

15 Minute Spiritual Reading normally $35.00 discounted to $30.00.

30 Minute Spiritual Reading normally $70.00 discounted to $60.00

Pet Communication normally $70.00 discounted to $60.00

Yuletide/Christmas Reading normally $70.00 discounted to $60.00

Take time to get yourself aligned with my Remote Chakra Balancing.  Normally priced at $100.00 discounted to $75.00.

Free Giveaway with any Purchase during this Special Sale.  You can receive an Ebook of your choice as my thanks for your business.

Looking for that perfect out of the ordinary gift for someone special? Stumped for a holiday or “just because” kind of gift?  Give the gift of Spiritual knowledge to the person(s) who has everything! The gift of knowing and having a glimpse into the future can empower a person’s decisions and change their life for the better.

I am a Naturally Gifted Clairvoyant and do not use any tools for my services.  You will find a tremendous difference in the way that I work compared to any spiritual service you have used previously.  I look forward to being with you during the holidays.

Office Hours:
My office will be open throughout the holidays during my regular hours seven days a week.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or just need some guidance during the holidays give me a call.

Holiday blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

A Childhood Memory - Billie’s First Vote. Click picture to read my memoir about voting for John Kennedy.
I was excited to be going with my mother to vote before elementary school. It is November 1960, and I was nine years old, and the presidential race has been very heated. Richard Nixon the current vice president is running against John Kennedy.

My parents are backing John Kennedy for President. He is controversial because of being Roman Catholic and very young. I really like John Kennedy. He looks and acts so exciting. He has a beautiful young wife and a daughter. He is nothing like boring old President Eisenhower. Every day in social studies we had to read about Eisenhower.

My friend, Shirley, had been teasing me for many months about John Kennedy. Shirley would sing, “Nixon’s in the White House ready to be elected. Kennedy’s in the trash can ready to be collected.” Shirley would sing this over and over in a mocking tone.

Whatever my parents think…

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How will this Moon affect you? Learn More In My Video.

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