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I wrote a tribute on Father’s Day to my father, well today June 26 is his birthday. This year he would have been 98 years old. I cannot begin to imagine him at that age. The last fifteen years of his life was hard on him as he suffered from Parkinson’s disease. I watched him go down bit by bit and it was rough as he had always been such a strong, intelligent, and powerful man.

At the age of 76 he could not do anything for himself anymore.  Thanksgiving weekend 1994 he ended up in the hospital and collapsed into a coma within hours.  This is where my biggest spiritual learning came into place.

He was comatose and I knew that he had a great fear of dying. What I did was put myself in a hypnotic state and I projected myself to his hospital room and there I took his spirit and we traveled to the other side (the fifth dimension). I had never done this before in my life, but I was desperate for him to be able to pass and not be kept alive on machines

I figured my mother would be the first one to greet him as she passed away several years before. Surprisingly the person that greeted my father on the other side was his army sergeant who had been killed in World War Two. My father was so happy to see him again. I waited at the entrance and my father went and visited so many people that he loved and loved him. I could hear him and the others laughing and talking.  When he was finished he came to me and we transported back into his hospital room and he went back into his body.  The next day he died. I knew that he died without fear.

The following morning as I awoke my father was screaming into my right ear everything he wanted me to know. I woke up saying, “Dad, you’re hurting my ear. Stop talking so loud.” I then did my best to remember exactly what he had been saying. It amazed me. I had never had such a spiritual connection in my life. Over the next few days he appeared to me, each time with a message. Throughout the years he has continued to communicate and on rare occasions I have been able to see him. It’s absolutely fascinating. He’s definitely my main Spirit Guide.

So not only did my father teach me so much when he was living, but he taught me a great deal after he died.  So I attribute my spiritual abilities as being inherited from him.

Last year when my precious cat Isis passed, I followed her through to the other side, and saw her at the rainbow bridge and on the other side was my father. She ran to him and he picked her up and held her in his arms. I see that very clearly all the time. They had not met in person, but they knew each other’s spirit. I know that when my time comes they will both be standing at the other end of the rainbow bridge welcoming me home.

I know that I was blessed to have such a wonderful man as my father in my life.  So I just want to say “Thank you Daddy for everything. I know you will be waiting for me when I cross over. I love you.”

Your daughter,
Cherokee Billie

wounded healersIf you are experiencing trials and tribulations in your life, congratulations, you are doing things right.  You are learning lessons that otherwise you would not understand. You are in the process of recreating who you are all the way down to your soul.

Many wounded healers, light workers, spiritually gifted people, on the planet at this time, seem to experience obstacles, challenges, adversity, and health issues in their lives. In so doing, we learn compassion and empathy through these trials.  This also helps us have transcendence through the undertaking of our own healing journey, which is ever evolving, as is our consciousness.

Often wounded healers have to experience many of the hardships of life so that will have true understanding of what another person is going through.  This makes you wiser and stronger and able to light the way for others on their path.  Whenever you look at anyone who has been a strong figure of light you’ll see that they have went through great trials and tribulations.

I believe that most people who are spiritually gifted, such as wounded healers, and light workers, suffer from physical problems.

Yet, they tend to be more in spirit, as this is what sustains them.  So if you encounter a spiritual person who has chronic illnesses do not think that they cannot help you or they’re not trying to help themselves.  Their gifts come from a higher source and everything is working out as it should be with them.

What I have gone through has been for my spiritual growth.  I never would have known who I really was If everything would have gone smoothly in my life.  The challenges that I face would flatten most people and I keep going.  I have discovered that I am far stronger than people who have physical strength. I often see them crumble emotionally over things that are easy obstacles for me. I used to see myself as a weak person, but now I have grasped the fact that I am strong.

So my message to all of you spiritual workers who like me suffer from chronic illness.  Do not feel you are not helping others because you are – far more than you know.  Keep going my friends.

The depth of your conviction about the life’s work you are called to fulfill enlarges the borders of what is possible for you to accomplish, despite whatever limitations you are going through at this time.

If you are experiencing challenges in your life do not feel that you are off your chosen path.  Realize this is a growing experience, even if other people do not get it. Keep taking one step at a time on your path.  Remain strong in your mission in life. Do not allow yourself to grow weary, because the rewards are coming.  Sometimes quickly and sometimes at a later date.  The true reward comes when we pass on and are shown all the people whose lives we have touched.

Let Your Light Shine!

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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MJ Legend

Remembering Michael Jackson seven years after his passing on June 25, 2009. I asked people who feel a connection with Michael to write their thoughts and I received some astounding memoirs and poetry in his honor. So take a few minutes to read these loving thoughts and feel free to add your comments as well. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

Written by Livnam Kaur
7 years ago, I was not a fan of Michael Jackson. Then came June 25th, and it all changed. During the summer of 2009, I fell head over heels in love with him. Not just the man, but his art and legacy. I have learnt so much in the last 7 years, and I’m not gonna lie: it’s been 7 years of pain and struggle as well as moments of joy.

Strangely enough, the most unexpected thing I’ve learnt in the past 7 years, is to be critical of the media, whether it’s printed newspaper, online news, TV-news or on the radio. Having studied Michael’s life and seen how media literally cut-and-pasted things to make their own stories, I watch every news report now with a questioning spirit. Ever heard the phrase “Just because you say it, doesn’t make it so”? That goes for many reporters. In Michael’s life, there were a few females who kept using the phrases “serious reporter” and “serious journalism” in their interviews with him…and they were the ones who were all about the gossip and rumors. Michael lived to be almost 51, and I can count on one hand the reporters who treated him with respect.

I’ve seen the same in media today: reporters let their own personal opinion get in the way, and they frequently do everything they can to rouse the viewers. Scandal sells. Well, not with me!

Michael’s humanitarian work is also quite remarkable. Never before and never since has there been someone who helped so many, both in the public eye and in private. He strongly believed to keep his good deeds a secret; he changed orphanages and hospitals in secret because he believed that if he talked about it, the good power over it would vanish. I find this tricky sometimes, I find that I actually want to showcase what I do, but then I remember Michael and I force myself to zip it.

And last but not least: I’ve become terribly biased in terms of music: “Yeah, you’re good enough, but you’re no MJ!”

Livnam Kaur has also written a novel called “In Our Darkest Hour”, which is sold exclusively to support Michael’s Dream Foundation. Click Here To Learn More

From Tarryn

Every year on the anniversary of Michael’s death, all the thoughts and
feelings I had the day he died, and subsequent months, come flooding
back stronger than ever. I never really connected to Michael on a fan
level, but more on human level, this is because I believe I have a lot
in common with him. I am also able to see and understand that he had
many sides to him, like all of us have.

I will always feel a deep sadness at the fact that there are still
many people who believe he is guilty of what he was accused of. Those
accusation which came without a shred of evidence, stuck to him for
the remainder of his life, breaking his spirit and his heart, and
ultimately, in my opinion, leading to his death. I know however
Michael’s spirit is now healed, and his life here in this physical
plane must seem like nothing more than an amazing dream.

My heart goes out to Michael’s family, friends, and fans today as we
remember his remarkable life. I know how much he was Loved, and I know
that Love will always drown out any negativity. We miss you.

I miss you
I Love you Michael

By Susan
Purple and Blue
Through a veil of purple and blue
There is a world you never knew
Close your eyes, focus and stare
Imagine a figure that may suddenly appear
Willowing in a glory of light
Merging with me sweet joy of delight
Words cannot explain
Only if you experience the same
You visit me from your place beyond the seasons
Your essence is love for that is the only reason
You were a messenger of love and light
Inspiring the world you shone too bright
Now you are free to fly on an Angel’s wing
Your gift is the songs you gave our Earth may we forever sing

Love is Sweet
Just like your Smile
Love is True
Just like your Heart
Love is Pure
Just like your Soul
Love is Light
Just look Inside
LOVE is all that there IS
Thank you for loving us MORE

From Lisa R

Michael Jackson was more than the king of pop. He was one who could talk to your soul through his music which made us all feel very close to him as if he was our friend. He was so much more than just an iconic figure in the music industry he was someone who loved each and every one of his fans. I will forever love Michael Jackson, and can’t wait until the time I can meet him and dance and sing with him in spirit.

From Cherokee Billie

It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since Michael Jackson passed. True legends never die and Michael Jackson will always be remembered as one of the greatest entertainers ever.

Michael’s style was unique and totally original. From the time he became famous as a child it was evident that there was something different about this young boy. As he grew and became an adult he proved what a remarkable artist he was with his dynamic album “Thriller.” His dancing was magical and there was no way you could not take your eyes off of him when he performed. He knew how to captivate an audience.

His charitable work was a constant love of his. When he was alive he gave to more charities than any other entertainer at that time. He had great empathy for those that were suffering in this world. He understood suffering as he did not always have an easy life growing up and being famous. They were both difficult and filled with hardships. People only saw the glitz and the glamour and not what went on behind the scenes.

No matter what he was going through Michael always did his best to show appreciation and love for his fans. He understood that they were the reason he was successful.

His passing at the age of 50 was a shock for so many, but I feel that the pressures he went through took a hard toll on his life. What he did was leave a great legacy of work in his music, dancing, poetry, writing, and humanitarian work.

I was privileged to be able to speak to his spirit after his passing and I learned a great deal about Michael Jackson that I never knew. I had not been a fan of his although I always knew he was a great entertainer. I prefer hard rock and roll and his type of music just did not appeal to me.

Channeling his spirit changed my life in more ways than one. I never would have thought of contacting his spirit, but I was asked by a radio station if I could contact him a few days after his passing. I was able to do it on radio and from there I continued channeling him until he had delivered the messages that he wanted his fans to hear and then it was time for him to move forward on his spiritual journey.

If you would like to hear one of the messages I channeled from Michael after his passing Click Here.

Getting close to his spirit helped me understand this gentle soul and what he went through during his lifetime. It’s easy for people to judge another, but until you walk or moonwalk in another’s shoes, you do not know what they have gone through. Michael was a beautiful soul who was greatly misunderstood. I know that he is happy and at peace in the spirit world.

Whenever I put my CD player on jukebox and the song ‘Billie Jean’ comes up I just consider it a little hello from Michael and it always makes me smile. His music was the gift he left the world and through it he will always communicate.

His music and performances will always live on. Many generations from now people still will be emulating his performances. His legacy will never die!

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie



Many girls growing up find that their first hero is their father. My father remained my hero throughout his life and even after his death.

He was born into poverty in a small town in Tennessee in 1918. His parents were Cherokee and had come from Oklahoma when they were children. My father had two younger brothers and a sister. His father disappeared by the time he was six years old. At that point his mother told him to take his brothers and sister and find a way to survive. He took care of his siblings by working on farms and they would sleep in barns. He never went to school because all he did was work. He was not above any work. When he became a teenager he was able to purchase a small amount of land and start his own farm.

He enlisted in the army at the start of World War II and discovered there was a whole world outside of Tennessee. He was stationed in the South Pacific and he fought many different battles against the Japanese. The last battle killed his entire platoon and critically wounded him. He played dead until the next platoon came in and rescued him. They did not think he would live six months because of his injuries. He left the army with a Purple Heart and as a sergeant. He then returned to Tennessee. The army had given him a thirst for the world as well as providing him the education to read. He was offered training and started learning engineering.

He began dating my mother and they married in 1950. He was offered a position working in aerospace manufacturing in Chicago and together they left and within a year I was born.

My father’s legal name was Bill. People often thought his name was William and he would answer, “I am just plain Bill.” I was named after him as I was his only child.

My father’s intelligence landed him a top position in Los Angeles California manufacturing aerospace bolts. My parents relocated. He became a master in the field of aerospace fasteners. He worked two jobs a day knowing he would be his own boss someday. Work kept him away a lot when I was growing up, but I always felt his strength and knew that I could turn to him for anything. He opened his own business manufacturing aerospace bolts in 1960. At the age of nine I begin to understand the value of work operating drill presses and lathes.

His business grew year after year because of his determination and intelligence.

My father very rarely spoke to anyone. When he did talk it was always profound. We would have conversations with me as I was the only person he truly trusted. I always felt so special during our time alone together. I knew he was a great man and took to heart what he would say to me.

My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1982 and everyday things became more and more difficult for him to do. In 1987 my mother passed away suddenly devastating my father. He told me that he did not feel the same after she died and it was very hard for me to see him start going down physically and mentally. He still was my hero. By then I was crippled and bedridden and unable to help him. My father passed away December 27, 1994.

Click Here to read about my father’s passing into spirit.

Some of my fondest memories of my father are:

  • He was the most optimistic person I have ever known.
  • Once his business grew and he was successful he continued wearing jeans and work shirts that were always covered in oil and he would go to auctions, banks, and other financial places dressed like that. He said, “If they treat me decent dressed like this that’s the person I want to know.”
  • He was so sharp and intelligent that if I did not get something quickly he would say, “I can do it while you’re thinking about it.” And it was the truth it was not a put down.
  • He had to fire an employee one day and the employee came back later in the afternoon with a gun and was going to kill one of the employees he did not like. My father talked the man out of killing the other guy and got the gun from him all by talking.
  • No matter how tough things got for him he would always say, “I will make it if I have to crawl.” That phrase has kept me going through many difficult times, even when I truly was having to crawl.

There are so many other memories that I have they would fill a book. Perhaps someday I will write a book about the greatest man I knew-my father.

The only jewelry that I wear is my father’s dog tags from the army.

I look forward to the day that we are reunited in spirit.

Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers Living and in Spirit!

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

My Father and I

My Father and I

JUNE STRAWBERRY MOONBeneath the Power of the Moon, we sit in the Silence of Being and Hold the Light Our Souls Know so Well. This month we get a double blessing in that the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice are on the same day June 20. Take advantage of the spiritual blessings that are pouring out at this time.

The full moon is on June 20, 2016 11:02 UTC in Sagittarius and the Sun is in Gemini.  This is commonly called the Strawberry Moon – This name was universal to every Algonquin tribe. However, in Europe they called it the Rose Moon. Also because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June . . . so the full Moon that occurs during that month was christened for the strawberry!

Native Americans also referred to this as Moon of the Corn. Always the growth of corn, the first cultivated crop, marked a time when culture took a leap forward. Corn fields were the heart of early villages. This grain is symbolic of intelligence and versatility. The dried kernels can also be turned into jewelry and used in blessing rituals. Picking by moonlight is said to honor the crops.

How to Receive Your Requests

Many feel that the Full Moon is a time for asking for what you want. Yes, it is a good time to ask for what you need, not want, but it’s important to understand how to ask and receive.

There are ways to receive answers, but you have to be Patient. Oh no, there is that dreaded word-Patience. Patience is definitely a virtue. Today patience is greatly lacking in our world. Patience is part of faith.

  • Your feelings cannot be seen, yet they exist.
  • You have a soul,
  • But can you see it?
  • Can you photograph it?

Therefore it takes great faith to believe in a Divine Spirit that created you and does care about you.

When you pray and ask for something you do not have to do repetitions of the same request. The first time you pray it is heard.

What you need to do afterwards is thank God/Great Spirit/Divine Spirit/Creator for hearing your prayer and for answering it. Every day just keep thanking The Divine for answering your prayer. Once you develop the attitude of believing without seeing you will find that things start changing in your life for the better.

There will be moments where you can glimpse the power of The Divine. Often it is only moments. For some it can be longer. Those moments are given to you as a gift to keep your faith going.

I feel that all full moons are a special time for us to connect to the Great Spirit as well as the moon. Remember this is a time of fruition and an excellent time to get a Spiritual Reading for guidance over the next month.

“The full moon is a time to rock and roll, to push boundaries, to dive headfirst into the embers, the surf, the divine.” ~ Author Unknown

With so much activity happening in the spiritual realm this is a wonderful time to get the Spiritual Full Moon Reading.  This is unlike anything you have ever had before, as I tell you what is ahead during this month cycle.  There’s no need for questions as you will        receive all your answers from Spirit.  Those who have taken advantage of this special reading know how valuable it really is.  Click Here To Find Out More.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Paul guitar

On June 18, 2016 Paul McCartney turns 74 years old.

It just seems like “Yesterday” that I was twelve years old and watching the Beatles perform live on the Ed Sullivan show. 52 years later I am still a Beatlemanic and proud of it!

Paul McCartney is listed as the most prolific songwriter in history. His first collaborations with John Lennon were remarkable. The two of them had a wonderful chemistry together and proved it over and over. The impact the Beatles made on the world cannot be fully understood by those who were not there at the time. I always feel that my life was in black and white and did not become filled with colors until the Beatles. That’s the most simplistic way I can express what they did for me.

When the Beatles disbanded Paul McCartney took a much needed break from the world and retreated to his sheep farm in Scotland for a few years to recover from everything he had been through over the last ten years.

When he reemerged he came back with forming his own group “Wings” along with his wife Linda Eastman. This band had countless hits and Paul proved that he was more than just a pretty face.

One of the things that I admire the most about the man is the way that he lives his personal life. He was a very loving husband for almost 30 years until the passing of Linda. He kept his family close to him at all times and none of his children have ended up disastrously. They all have their own careers and are quite successful away from Paul.

I am happy that he has found a wonderful woman, Nancy Shevell, to share his life with.

He is always a gentleman and never has a bad word to say about anyone. He always shows love and appreciation to his fans because he knows they’re the reason for his success. His talents go way beyond rock and roll music as he has written operas and directed several short films.

No wonder the Queen made him Sir Paul McCartney.

I watched a live performance he did recently and this man can still Rock and Roll better than anybody out there. Please continue the wonderful work that you do Paul, because we certainly appreciate it.

Wishing you the very best on your birthday and always. You will always be Paulie to me.

With love,
Cherokee Billie

Click Here To Read My Tribute To The Beatles

Finding feathers in and of itself is a blessing and a signal that your angels are with you, ask for help! Use the moment when you find a feather as a reminder to return to presence yourself, and to thank the angels for their presence and assistance in your life.

Do you find feathers and want to know what the angels are saying to you? Contact me for my private services and I will help you understand the messages you are receiving from the angels.  Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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