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Spiritual Cleansing For Sad or Troubled Houses! Click picture for full article and information.
Have you experienced a great sadness? Have you moved into a house where a death or divorce occurred? Clear your house energy and start fresh now!

Houses are safety deposit boxes of accumulated emotion.

Fights, lovemaking, peace and sickness leave “finger prints” within the walls, carpeting, appliances and cupboards. The energy of each occupant leaves their signature “Essence” that spins in suspended animation until cleared out. Like music, certain people are tuned in to specific energy within a house. For example, anyone that has observed their neighborhood knows certain houses attract the same kind of people over and over. Oddly, some houses even seem to attract illness to the occupants within.


Just like the attraction to a person or animal, when we walk into a home we either feel comfortable or so overwhelmed we want to run. The walls that surround us whisper energy stories. We can “feel” them. Perhaps this is why a troubled house keeps on attracting cops or sickness. A party house consistently, much to our anger, keeps on being the noisy one on the block. Or there is the house that always attracts gardens, or artists. Like music, the vibrations of a house attract specific kinds of people.


BELLS: {Walk from room to room, closet, and into corners, as you ring the bells crisply into the air. The pleasant sound and vibration of the bells wakes up and clears sad and troubled energy.

SMUDGE: White Sage can be purchased in leaf or bulk at health food stores as well as novelty shops. Place the leaves in a large shell, or bowl, light the leaf tips and walk from room to room, closets and corners lifting the bowl of sweet scented smoke into the air high and low. Make sure you open a window so negative energies can exit. Click Here For Detailed Instructions On Smudging.

CHIMES: Place chimes in your windows or where air from a furnace duct or ceiling fan can reach them. These pretty tones will bless your home.

Don’t forget prayer. Your Angels, Ancestors, and Guides always lead your path, bless your choices, and help you to manifest an essence of peace in your environment.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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  1. It is indeed a good idea to use white sage and good music for example to cleanse a house before you move in. You can use a Christian worship CD, Native American chanting, classical music – anything that carries a good and sacred energy! And let the white sage do the trick 🙂 I also invoke the Goddess Vesta (Goddess of the hearth and home) to bring Her blessing of peace and home upon my living quarters 🙂

  2. Rosanna Harris said:

    Good morning Billie You are truly amazing.  Yesterday one of my girlfriends called in stress.  She was having problems with her home and office.  Just as I finish talking to her (for a hour and a half )  I saw your email.  Which came during the time of our conversation.  I had not completely read your email.  I immediately send it to her you completely validated and absolute certainty. Some of the thing you mention are just what is going on with her.  She even had a bad spirit come to her (she said it was at night pinning her down while she was half asleep).  She called me late last night bewilder from your email.  I’ve told her several times she need to call you.  I think she totally get it and will be calling you soon.  Love you!!! My everything! As always Sister in Spiritual Journey of the Universe Rosanna  

    • Dear Rosanna: I know that you how everyone because you have such a compassionate and caring spirit. I certainly hope that I do hear from your friend and I will let you know if she contacts me. To be honest I have no idea what I had sent you and I’m glad whatever it was had great meeting for her and you. Many blessings my friend, Cherokee Billie

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