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Graphic copiaBeneath the Power of the Moon, we sit in the Silence of Being and Hold the Light Our Souls Know so Well.

The full moon is on Tuesday June 2, 12:19 P.M.  This is commonly called the Strawberry Moon – This name was universal to every Algonquin tribe. However, in Europe they called it the Rose Moon. Also because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June . . . so the full Moon that occurs during that month was christened for the strawberry!

Native Americans also referred to this as Moon of the Corn. Always the growth of corn, the first cultivated crop, marked a time when culture took a leap forward. Corn fields were the heart of early villages. This grain is symbolic of intelligence and versatility. The dried kernels can also be turned into jewelry and used in blessing rituals. Picking by moonlight is said to honor the crops.

How to Receive Your Requests

Many feel that the Full Moon is a time for asking for what you want. Yes, it is a good time to ask for what you need, not want, but it’s important to understand how to ask and receive.

There are ways to receive answers, but you have to be Patient. Oh no, there is that dreaded word-Patience. Patience is definitely a virtue. Today patience is greatly lacking in our world. Patience is part of faith.

  • Your feelings cannot be seen, yet they exist.
  • You have a soul,
  • But can you see it?
  • Can you photograph it?

Therefore it takes great faith to believe in a Divine Spirit that created you and does care about you.

When you pray and ask for something you do not have to do repetitions of the same request. The first time you pray it is heard.

What you need to do afterwards is thank God/Great Spirit/Divine Spirit/Creator for hearing your prayer and for answering it. Every day just keep thanking The Divine for answering your prayer. Once you develop the attitude of believing without seeing you will find that things start changing in your life for the better.

There will be moments where you can glimpse the power of The Divine. Often it is only moments. For some it can be longer. Those moments are given to you as a gift to keep your faith going.

Clean Out Your Life

With it being Mercury Retrograde this is a perfect time to clean out your life. Many people believe that whenever there is a Mercury Retrograde that you should not do anything and wait till it passes.  Well in the real world that just doesn’t work.  Life goes on!  So let’s remember the gifts that this period brings and trust that this is a good time of reflection and revising your journey in life. In the grand flow of life, these inward moving energies are conducive for fine tuning and helping to bring greater clarity, awareness, and focus

Start With:

  • Cleansing Your Spirit
  • Clean out closets and drawers
  • Clean off the clutter around your sleeping area
  • Clean out old papers and receipts

You can take your time and do this cleaning over the next few weeks. It will benefit you enormously on your spiritual path.

I feel that all full moons are a special time for us to connect to the Great Spirit as well as the moon. Remember this is a time of fruition and an excellent time to get a Spiritual Reading for guidance over the next month.

“The full moon is a time to rock and roll, to push boundaries, to dive headfirst into the embers, the surf, the divine.” ~ Author Unknown

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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  1. Thank you my friend

  2. Good advice. Thanks!

  3. wonderful read… thank you…

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  5. Very beautiful post… ❤ I was sent by bluebutterfliesandme – 😀
    The part about corn had me reflecting on my time in Hopi/Navajo land. ❤
    And a poem I once wrote long ago but now lost about the corn and children – inspired by the Hopi. "Not to be confused with Children of the Corn!" Gorgeous… lovely… strawberry moon, and delightful and wonderful post to honor all under it… ❤ xo Ka

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to post a comment. Yes, I thought it was interesting to add in the corn as well. I would love to read what you’ve written some time. Sending you many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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  7. Our beautiful little Mercury retrograde has already been giving me conniptions this month, but hopefully the full moon has replaced any stressful energy for me already 😀

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