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Great Ways to Enjoy Springtime

Hello Spring

Everyday Things

Spend 5 minutes each day relaxing and meditating

Concentrate on your surroundings, the sensations in your body and the feeling of tension dissolving. As you get into the habit you may like to play music, my meditation video or a visualization CD, and extend the time to half an hour. Remember that ten minutes per day are worth much more than an hour at the weekends – your subconscious is a creature of habit and responds best to repetition.

Get outside in the fresh air for 5 to 10 minutes a day

Walk, take deep breaths, do stretches. As time goes by, try to increase this, so that you walk, or run for up to half an hour.

Make sure you get out into nature each week. If you are a city-dweller make this a weekend routine.

Treat Yourself …
To a massage or full spa break.

If You Find It Hard To Think Positive …
Try hypnotherapy with Cherokee Billie for a wonderfully relaxing experience that can change your mind at a deep level.

Sign Up For A Yoga Class
It does wonders for all sorts of complaints, increases your sense of the spiritual and can help you lose weight.

Choose an exercise that you like, and do it.

Dancing to your favorite tunes every day for ten minutes in your living room is much better than taking out an expensive gym subscription that goes to waste. Be honest with yourself about what you like and can realistically accomplish.

Avoid Diets

It’s so negative being told what you can’t eat and having to plan calories, which can have you obsessing constantly about food.

Instead Focus On Positives. Make sure you drink two liters of water per day and have loads of fruit and vegetables. You won’t have the room, or the inclination, to eat bad stuff.

Some Ancient Rituals

Be sure and invite the Angels into your home! Learn how by clicking Here

Rub an essential oil into a candle, or heat it in an oil-diffuser. It will lift your spirits.

Leave A Glass Of Water In The Spring Sunshine …

for half an hour, then drink the energy of the growing light.

Light a Bright Yellow Candle

Watch the flame. Imagine the resurgence of life within the earth and imagine that the light of the sun is shining from your own solar plexus. Say “I welcome the bright sun, inside and outside.”

Try Ginseng And/Or Licorice …

To banish fatigue, green tea for oomph, peppermint or rosemary teas for gentle stimulation. Avoid anything that contains caffeine, for the temporary high will be followed by a low. (Always read labels and consult a professional if you are using ginseng or licorice for more than a couple of weeks)

It’s time to shed the dead parts of winter and following some of these suggestions can help you start enjoying springtime.

Springtime blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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What Not To Say and What to Say to a Depressed Person!”

Let’s start with things you definitely DON’T want to say and then the things that you definitely should say to a depressed person.  Here is a collection of gems that I have heard when well-intentioned people opened their mouths and said something really stupid to a depressed person.  Being chronically ill can cause a person to be depressed. From there I explain the things that need to be said to a depressed person. We need to support one another in this life and in this video I hope to give people more awareness of what life is like for a depressed person.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

7 day Health and Wellbeing Bali Retreat

Heart of Earth Wisdom At Shankaris Bali Retreat Centre

Heart of Earth Wisdom At Shankaris Bali Retreat Centre – Balian Yoga Centre, West Coast of Bali

January 2015, 10th – 17th January

 Set your vision and intentions for a more healthy & abundant 2015

Please note: To ensure personalized guidance and for each person and learning environment we have limited our retreat numbers to 15.

Early bird registration open now and closes the 30th November, 2014 & save $100

$1450 single ($1250 per person double/twin)

After 30th November registration $1550 single, $1350 Double/twin

$500 is required to secure your place please see terms and conditions on the Retreat Info Pack for participants

Bring a group of friends’ $50 discount for every friend booked!

It’s Time To Nurture Your Inner Being and Touch Your Heart

Heart of Earth Wisdom is a pathway to self-discovery – a way to know yourself deep inside and learn how you are connected to earth wisdom herself.

Through personal ceremonies we can do every day such as yoga and meditation can deepen our awareness and instil a sense of gratitude in us and then open many doors and pathways for us, increase a sense of joy and abundance in our lives.

Shankaris Bali Retreat Centre sits close to the sacred crystal clear Balian River, a hidden area of beautiful Bali just several hours’ drive from its busy center, which allows you the chance to escape your hectic lifestyle and refresh yourself (body, mind and spirit).

With two 2 yoga areas, 3 creatively mosaic designed swimming pools and serene gardens, this is a peaceful sanctuary for all who come to stay here

This retreat is for YOU if:

  • You would like to experience the beauty, earth wisdom and cultural richness that Bali has to offer its guests
  • You may be feeling a bit depleted, tired and ready to give a gift back to yourself for your inner wellbeing?
  • You want to be gently guided in the release of what no longer positively serves you in your life
  • Designed to cultivate and deepen your practice in yoga and meditation (suitable for both beginners and advanced yoga and meditation participants. Keeping our numbers to a minimum for quality personal support…your participation is optional in these sessions)

7 Day Health & Wellbeing Retreat includes:

  • 7 nights’ accommodation in beautiful Shankari’s Bali Retreat bungalows
  • Welcome Traditional Balinese Dance by a local cultural dance group
  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals each day & snacks & morning & afternoon tea
  • Each morning Nicky will lead our group in the ancient wisdom of Yoga practice to assist you to create & bring greater joy balance &wellness into your life(suitable for beginners & also those dedicated to their yoga practice who would like to deepen & develop their practice)
  • Each Afternoon Nicky will guide you in the art of Meditative practice (using crystal singing bowls, creative visualization techniques designed to gently re align your body, mind & spirit
  • Jennifer will facilitate a Creative Journal Writing session to bring greater clarity & wisdom your life and aimed to create abundance in both your personal & business/work
  • 1 Hour Beautiful Balinese massage in Shankari’s Spa Health Centre
  • On one of the retreat days after yoga and breakfast we will go out to explore a local temple &experience the blessings being offered by the priests who reside over the temple.
  • Transport to & from Denpasar International Airport in an air conditioned car

Flights not included, please contact us for bookings or guidance with online airfares & flights

For more info email:

Calling On All The Angels – Please R.S.V.P.

Calling On All The Angels - Please R.S.V.P.  Click picture to read article
Sometimes we know when our Spirituality is in crisis by the hollow feeling in the pit of our stomach. It feels like we are alone, and as if everyone has abandoned us. Probably the worst thing we can do is ignore it. It seems when we do this the following things happen;

• We eat too much mistaking loneliness for hunger.
• We over medicate with alcohol or drugs to make the hollow feeling go away.
• We mistake horniness for loneliness, and feel ripped off when orgasm leads to more hollow feeling.
• We gamble on extremes … fill empty feelings of ‘Loss.’.
• We become thrill seekers, toying with self sabotage or death to replace fear of life.
• We impulse shop for perfect shoes and clothing, cars or trinkets, and come home depressed and drained.


R.S.V.P. means “please reply.” Will you accept or decline your angels’ invitation?

• Our Angels speak silently, but powerfully.
• Our Angels speak through our gut. The hollow feeling within says loud and clear ‘PAY ATTENTION TO ME.’
• Food, gamboling, sex, thrill seeking are like placing our hands over our ears and singing ‘LA LA LA…I CAN’T HEAR YOU.’


• Anything that gives you time to reflect…….ponder……go within, is communication with your inner Angel.
• It can be 20 minutes sitting cross legged as you rock back and forth thinking nothing at all. [You are emotionally reaching within.]
• A half hour of Yoga in the morning alone, focusing within through stretches.
• Staring out a window with a cup of coffee is even a form of meditation with angels.

Click Here To View My Collection Of Angel Photographs.

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