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My Cat Tigre

Tigre came into my life when she was only six weeks old, close to nine years ago. From the moment she entered my life she brought great joy and happiness to my other cat Isis and me.

She is the most curious little cat I have ever seen. Nothing gets past her. She is an indoor cat and basically feels that she owns everything. She can jump up on to the top of the closet door and do an acrobatic act. She always makes me laugh and smile.

Last December she became seriously ill. I sent her to a doctor who said she had tumors in a stomach and needed chemotherapy. The doctor could not give me any test to prove his theory. By then send her to another doctor who only observed her and did not perform any sort of tests. I just kept trying to take care of her myself at that point. I knew she was not well, but she was a little bit better over the months.

Two weeks ago I knew she was seriously ill. This time I sent her faraway to a specialist and the prognosis was not good at the time. She was completely dehydrated and her liver levels were so bad he did not think she would live. He started her on IV’s and she remained in the hospital for week. Her problem was a kidney infection that has probably been going on since December. Also he found that she had an inflammatory bowel condition. He felt she had improved significantly and he sent her home last Friday. He gave me medicine to give her every day, which has not been easy. But with the help of my friends we have been able to give her the medicine. She is also been on special food.

Yesterday she vomited just a tiny bit of liquid and hair. I did not feel it was an emergency and did not call the doctor. However, this morning she is vomiting a great deal and I know that she has to go back into the hospital. I will be calling the doctor early this morning.

I love her so much and she brings such happiness into my life. I would like her to stay in my life for a few more years.

Why I’m writing this is to ask for you to pray for my precious little Tigre and for me also because the stress is enormous.

If I do not answer an e-mail or message from you please be patient and understand that I have a lot on my plate and I’m doing the best that I can to manage my work and my personal life.

I appreciate each one of you then know that you will be praying.

Many blessings to all,
Cherokee Billie

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