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I will be the guest on Soul Contract & Spiritual Gifts radio program

“You are here to provide a GIFT to this world. Until you present your TRUE self in this world your present will remain unopened.”

Believe it or not, you are here for a reason; albeit, sometimes that reason is foggy and/or we get lost just trying to hang in there in the many challenging or stressful experiences we encounter. These are the times when we need our spiritual gifts the most. If you think that you possess no spiritual gift because it hasn’t manifested in the form of intuition or some other obvious spiritual ability, think again, because we ALL possess some particular gift and your Gifts Are Needed NOW! This broadcast Rescue Rangers invites you to join a panel discussion on soul contract/spiritual gifts.

This program goes live at 9:30 PM EST and you can CLICK HERE to join the program and chat room. This program will be available in archives to listen to at any time you choose.

Friday February 22, 2013
In the Unites States: (646) 378-1233
Outside of the U.S.: (917) 889-7908

Join your host Charene Henderson: Spiritual Life-Coach & Empathic Clairvoyant, with her panel of light-workers who specialize in helping others embrace and utilize their spiritual gifts. Please help us welcome additional Life Coaches: Cherokee Billie : Psychic Spiritual Advisor of 25 yrs, Media Host, & Published Author on and offline, Laura Bennett, owner of Drahan Gypsy Tarot, Clairsentient and Clairaudient Tarot Reader for 14 yrs, and Lynda Forbes, the founder of Life Guide Center, an Astrologer and Tarot Reader of over 30 years, and Joseph Mauricio is the director of LIFEWORK Personal Coaching Services, a 15 year Mediation teacher/instructor, lecturer and motivational speaker. Join in and listen/discuss with our panel the importance of coming into full awareness and understanding of why you possess your divine gifts!

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