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A Testimonial on the Power of Smudging

Smudging Native American
Frequently I receive testimonies from people who received a psychic reading from me. This testimony is quite different because it’s based on an article I have written and how the person took the information I provided, put it into action and their results.

Now in her own words Jacinta Feyling Talks about her experience of Smudging

“Sometime in 2012 I came across Cherokee Billie’s article entitled “Cleansing Your Spirit Native American Style”. I am Norwegian and have zero Native American heritage, but I knew from Cherokee Billie that the Native Americans were very smart, so I studied the article. I admit I scoffed at the idea of smudging: how could smoke help “cleanse” a room, or myself? But I decided to give it a go after I realized I was always anxious and stressed in my own home. I purchased some organic white sage and got to work. The smell and smoke was tough at first, and I had no expectation to it. However, within the next 12 – 24 hours, I noticed a significant change in my spirit, mind, and behavior and how I felt about being in the house. I had been very skeptical to smudging, but it actually worked!!

Billie also taught “Releasing the Past” was also a very good lesson. Writing down the names of people who have you hurt, and watch them going up into smoke was surprisingly healing and releasing 🙂

Thank you, Cherokee Billie, for teaching me some good tricks to use in every day life 🙂 Jacinta Feyling”

Thank you Jacinta for taking the time to share your experience with everyone.

Here is the article and if you are experiencing problems in your life I encourage you to give the ancient art of smudging a try and see what changes occur for you.

Click Here to Read My Smudging Article

New Year Prayer and Blessing!

Oh Great Spirit I raise smoke to the four sacred winds and the four corners, so that the blessings can reach my brothers and sisters all in every corner of Great Mother Earth while the smoke disperses all over Father Sky and lit by Mother Moon

Let the smoke pass to each their blessing and do away with all sorrows and unhappiness, fill their homes with love, and the light of your wisdom. If any be sick cure them if sad make them happy if they have needs fulfill them.

Protect them from all evil. Please Father Keep them well in good health give them long life and wealth. Give them all your love as they love you.

They can give testimony to your power and mercy, and most important your love. Oh Great Father in heaven I love you with all my heart as I love my brothers and sisters all. I am your servant and theirs. I ask for only one thing give me Strength to keep going on doing as I do on the Red Road. Amen, Amen, Amen.

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