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Visits From My Spirit Guides

Visits From My Spirit Guides-Click picture for information

Lately I have been getting frequent visits from my spirit guides through Lucid Dreaming.  One of my main guides, Jim, appears frequently in my dreams, which is not the usual method in which we connect, but I know that right now that is one of the best ways for him to get through to me.  Over the past two months I have been under enormous stress due to an accident on top of having my usual problems from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy .  This accident has really physically and mentally brought me down.  Often I feel totally alone because of my situation.  It’s comforting to have Jim show up.  Basically the messages are that I am not alone and that he is watching out for me. I need to know this more than ever.  Today we were chatting, pretty much like you would do with someone in person, and we talked about everyday things.  He, along with other guides are working on a solution for me. 

Today I had a new guide come to me, during meditation, and it was really a lovely experience. It was a female guide, a lovely African, yet her face was a beautiful bright blue, her spirit was so gentle and loving. She said, “I’m with you now. Please don’t worry.” I did not ask her name because I cannot forget how she looked and what she said. She just filled my heart with peace and that has been desperately needed.

I have seen hundreds of my guides over the years and it’s always comforting and a beautiful experience. They help me know that I’m still connected spiritually. Even though I work as a spiritual advisor, I’m in need of comfort and guidance at times. After all I am a human going through this experience.  It’s so wonderful to have these beautiful loving spirits help. I do not call them on command; they always come to me when they feel it’s right.

When I’m working with a client guides come readily to help. It is never been difficult for me to get answers for others. What is sometimes difficult is being able to hear or see my own guides. Most psychics will tell you that they cannot do a reading on themselves. The reason is the emotional attachment. When you are reading someone else you do not have the attachment and are able to hear and see things much more clearly.

I know the angels are working hard to help as well. Spirit guides are different than Angels, because the guides have lived as humans, whereas angels have always been divine beings. That’s why right now the guides are so strong around me, because they understand the battles of being in a physical world, and they have heard my cries for help.

I just want to say that I’m grateful for all of you wonderful spirit guides. I want to thank all my angels for everything that you are doing in my life.

With gratitude,
Cherokee Billie

If you would like to connect to your Spirit Guide and need assistance contact me, Cherokee Billie, and I will be happy to help you connect with these beautiful spirits. Please contact me if you want to learn more about Lucid Dreaming.  You can contact me at or else call (866)-563-3997

The Mystery of a Psychic from the Past!

It is hard to pinpoint the exact time and documented experiences of the first known psychic or psychics. In Greek mythology, there are stories of Pythia, who was a priestess that served Apollo. She was a powerful woman in a male dominated world who had the power of prophecy. This would lead us to believe that psychic ability goes back to ancient times. Historically, Nostradamus comes up frequently when researching psychics from the past. Many people equate psychic with witchcraft and it is far from the case. Psychics come from all walks of life and some do not even realize they have psychic ability. Everyone has intuition and it is up to you how much you use it and learn from it.

Nostradamus is still quite a controversial figure. In light of this and the complexity of his predictions, we will only touch lightly on some facts and events of his life. Critics believe that his infamous quatrains have been grossly misinterpreted, while others believe he is the greatest prophet/psychic of all time. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Nostradamus was the most highly searched term on Google’s website. This is evidence of the effect his prophecies still hold today. In 1550, Nostradamus wrote his first almanac, and it was considered highly successful. He continued to write almanacs until the time of his passing in 1566 at the age of sixty-two.

Even today, Nostradamus is the subject of websites, popular cultures, and blogs on the subject. His quatrains and bold predictions of what was to come in the centuries beyond his passing have always amazed and intrigued believers and critics alike. As research and scientific studies continue on these prophecies, he will continue to live on.

Nostradamus on the Assassination of President Kennedy
I have gone through many of the quatrains of Nostradamus over the last few years and found that they are not easy to understand.

The following is one that I could make sense of.

In a prophecy indexed 1 Q26, Nostradamus in 1555 wrote:
The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt,
The evil deed predicted by the bearer of a petition
According to the prediction another falls at night time.
Conflict in Reims, London, and pestilence in Tuscany.

President John Kennedy was shot shortly after twelve noon 49 years ago in Dallas Texas, on 22 November 1963. In Nostradamus day guns had not been invented so it makes sense that he would see it as a thunderbolt. Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated a few minutes after 1 A.M., moments after his victory speech in the 1968 presidential primary. Jeane Dixon, one of the foremost prophets of modern times, earned international notoriety for predicting JFK’s assassination as early as 1956. The last month before he was killed she repeatedly tried to get the message to him to be careful that he was about to be assassinated. I believe the bearer of the petition was Ms. Dixon. Nostradamus may have chronicled her unsuccessful attempt to forewarn the president, and later, Senator Robert Kennedy, who was her friend. The last line dates RFK’s murder through events occurring around that time: student riots in France and London during 1968-9, (Reims is another term used for France) and the 1966 Florence flood, when authorities feared that pestilence in Tuscany would follow the disaster.

I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this great psychic. This also gives you a chance to study and learn more about famous prophecies.

Nostradamus has been credited with predicting these historic events.

Thoughts About The Past Year And The New Year.

I want to thank all of you that follow my postings. It’s not always easy to come up with new topics, but I appreciate each one of you that contribute to my life. If you have any topic in mind that you would like to see me cover I would appreciate you’re telling me about it. Sometimes I just draw blanks on what to write. It helps when people give me ideas.

Hopefully the security I have put into place will stop the robbers. Last year I had one robbery and three attempted robberies. This year I am looking for zero robberies and/or attempts. With the cameras that I’ve put outside and the security lights as well as all of the bars and locks on windows it would take a great deal to gain entry into my apartment. Just last week the police killed five robbers in my area and the apartment across the street was robbed last week. So I cannot let my guard down.

One of the best things that has happened for me has been the addition of Danni to my Psychic Services. Because of Danni I am able to increase the hours and stay open later at night. I have been losing business because most people call psychics late at night when they are troubled. Because of my health issues I can’t stay up that late. Danni takes over for the late hours. What a blessing for me!

People really like her and I’m getting nothing but positive feedback about her psychic abilities. I know she’s good because when I am troubled she does readings for me. Check out her page on my website here!

My little cat Tigre is recovering after being so seriously ill in December. Last week she had to have a medical procedure done to save her life. Yesterday she started acting more like her old self and that really made me happy. I love my animals dearly and she is my right hand. Wherever I go she is always right beside me. Thank you for your prayers for my little baby.

In closing here is my prayer for you!

Bless all those who walk today, and those who are with us in Spirit. Bless all who have come from north, south, east, and west. Bless the sky above us all, and the ground beneath our feet. May your heart be filled with the love from The Creator. Bless us as we honor that human connection between all of our hearts as we walk the Sacred Path. Amen.

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