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Trust In Your Power To Create A Brand New Earth!

Process Your Positive Intentions for Year 2012

Believe in the potential of a light-filled existence. Make the decision daily to do all that you can to create the kind of world you want.

Take a few minutes today to set some specific intentions for 2012. There is no looking back ~ why not look forward with positive anticipation?!

As you look forward and create intentions for 2012, consider adding some energy to these each day. How? Reflect on your intentions. Repeat them silently or out loud. Perhaps write them on a sheet of paper and place on your sacred altar. Imagine each thing with feeling, visualizing how it will feel in your life. Picture who is there with you, and how you feel about being with him or her. Imagine your surroundings in detail ~ including colors, shapes, feelings, scents, and sounds.

Share this intention-setting idea with others, reminding them of their own power to create. Then pick someone you know and share your intentions ~- each of you listening while the other describes his or her hopes and dreams.

When you reinforce your positive intentions, you add potency to them. When you and another person trade sharing of intentions, you help to anchor and energize a positive momentum for each other.

As you share your ideas in a global community forum such as an online social network, you amplify the potential of your intentions manifesting in the world.
The social networks of today’s world provide continuous connecting opportunities. People you don’t even know, thousands of miles away, can touch your heart as they share their hopes and dreams for a different kind of world. You can touch the hearts of others, too, with your sharing.

When you give voice to what is held within your heart — out loud with a friend or within a social network ~ you catalyze your own positive forward movement.

During these final days of 2011, it may seem relatively quiet, yet there is much going on. The great reconfiguration of society is in full swing.

You have a significant role to play. As a divine change maker, you stand at the forefront of change. You are helping to create a radical remake of society.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.

The biggest thing in life we take for granted is life itself! Yesterday is a memory! Today is a blessing. Live Now!

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