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Today’s Economy And Your Life

With Food and oil prices on the rise in many parts of the world how has the economic climate affected you?

Gulf oil spill’s threat to wildlife turns real. What can be done?

The wildlife apocalypse along the Gulf Coast that everyone has feared for weeks is fast becoming a terrible reality.

Pelicans struggle to free themselves from oil, thick as tar, that gathers in hip-deep pools, while others stretch out useless wings, feathers dripping with crude. Dead birds and dolphins wash ashore, coated in the sludge. Seashells that once glinted pearly white under the hot June sun are stained crimson.

Scenes like this played out along miles of shoreline Saturday, nearly seven weeks after a BP rig exploded and the wellhead a mile below the surface began belching millions of gallon of oil.
If earlier estimates are correct, that means the cap is capturing from a quarter to as much as half the oil spewing from the blowout each day. But that is a small fraction of the roughly 24 million to 47 million gallons government officials estimate have leaked into the Gulf since the April 20 explosion that killed 11 workers, making it the nation’s largest oil spill ever.

It seems to me that stopping the leak is the most important thing that should be done right now. The action that is being taken is like if your artery was cut they would be cleaning up the blood instead of stopping the blood from coming out of the cut in your artery. Pray that somebody comes up with a solution instead of a band aid.

Mother earth and all of her children are suffering from this and we need to take action through thoughts and prayer.

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions of what can be done to stop this terrible problem?

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