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I know that many of you like what I post here on my blog.  To receive the latest news from me as well as special offers and discounts sign up for my newsletter today! You will receive a free booklet to help you with intuition.

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The Secret Meaning Behind Nov 11, 2011

November 11 seems to be a keynote date for many people – 11/11/11. Would you like to read what I have discovered about this date? I will be publishing my article in my newsletter on November 06, 2011. It will not be published any place else so if you would like to read what I have found-sign up for my newsletter at:

You will also receive a free booklet on increasing your own intuition.

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Cherokee Billie

The Mayan Calendar

Sign up now for my next newsletter which will be out March 10, 2011 on The Mayan Calendar and detailing the events for the next two years. You can sign up for the newsletter right here on my Blog Page “About Me” page. You can also sign up on my website at You will receive a free booklet on Intuition after you sign up for the newsletter.
This will be one of the most detailed and informed newsletters I have ever put out.

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Cherokee Billie

Newsletter On Increasing Your Own Psychic Powers

Sign up for my newsletter which will be out on February 14 and learn what you can do to tap into your psychic powers. Learn how to increase your psychic abilities. You will also receive a free booklet on increasing intuition. The sign up box is green on my homepage on the left side.
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My Gift For You

Baby Reading Newsletter

Baby Reading Newsletter

I want to thank all of you that participate in my blog by offering my free newsletter. The next issue comes out September 1. Each newsletter is unique and I pick different topics for each newsletter. I know that you would enjoy it because you enjoy my blog. If you’re interested in signing up go to my website Cherokee Billie and you will find a sign up box on the right side right below the photograph of the Eclipse. You will receive a free booklet from me within 24 hours of signing up. Enjoy!

I do read all of your messages that you post here. Please understand I can’t answer each one of you individually because of a busy schedule and believe it or not a personal life. I love each one of you for your positive uplifting messages. It makes me happy that you understand that I’m coming from a very positive place with love and will not give in to negative thoughts or vibrations. You Are What Makes This Blog Important And Precious.

Have a beautiful blessed weekend,
Cherokee Billie

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