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Keep On Thinking Free!

Whenever you hear something broadcast through the media or the government; explore and make sure of everything that you are being told. Do not accept at face value what you hear or see.

In this world we are living through a time of both great darkness and light. We have war, and corporate control, alongside a great spiritual emergence. It is time to choose which collective time line you want to take. Trust your heart rather than what you see on the news or told by any government.

“Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it.”
Henry David Thoreau

“Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper.” George Orwell

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing, but newspapers.” Thomas Jefferson

YAHBOO…Crop Circles In The News…

Here is a post from the blog by Suzanne Taylor who has produced a movie called “What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery” Suzanne is going to be on My Radio Program talking about Crop Circles on September 14, 2010. Enjoy this post.

From Suzanne: I’ve just had a very heartwarming experience.

Yesterday, after Yahoo ran a 2-minute video about crop circles, I got this email from my friend, Kaia, who is working on a proposed reality TV series about the circles:

Wow, are they really trying to re-visit Doug and Dave? This made the front page of Yahoo today: (Note from Suzanne on 7/26 — this link won’t take you there any more. Five days after this video was posted, it was cycled off, never to be retrieved.)

The video is beyond terrible. Watching it, I wondered if this total dismissal of anything mysterious going on, as if it’s a done deal that people have made all the circles, is where the world is at.

Then, I read the comments — not all 1,080 that were up by then, but a lot of them. Almost all of them were castigating Yahoo for showing something so shameful.

These are the 24 comments posted just before I posted one. They aren’t edited at all, to cherry pick for the most interesting ones (or to fix any grammar or punctuation), so you can see the overwhelming rejection of the video.

Is something changing out there? Is there a lot of awareness now about the circles, and acceptance of them as likely to be coming from elsewhere? It used to be the other way round — whenever something about the circles appeared, there was one defense to a slew of attacks. The comments on this video, up to 2080 and still going strong at the point at which I wrote this post, are extraordinarily good news!!!!

Here are those 24 that preceded what I wrote — to watch my movie, of course. (It would be lovely if you listmembers would do the same — the trailer is here: :

Hank Winig
You people suck. What did you do sell your soul to the US Government. There the only ones dumb enough to think we will believe all crop circles were made be a few drunk collage kids. All with in hours or even minutes in some cases. Ya Yahoo this is the one that will flush you out of the lime lite.

Click Here To Read The Entire Blog Post As Well As Comments.

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