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Star Lesson

star nebula

Star Nebula

This beautiful nebula holds a star that may soon go supernova. If it does it may be easily seen by the naked eye. Could it be the Red Kachina spoken about in the Hopi prophecy? An event like this one could be what the prophesies are foretelling. The time of the Red Kachina is a beacon that tells of the end of the world cycle and the beginning of the new world cycle. This may be the kind of event about which prophesy may be foretelling.

Stars go through their cycles just like planets and people. The time of the Red Kachina portends a time of great change. A time is coming when nothing will be the same as it was. Everything will be new. There will be some new plants and some new animals and a new way of living and being. This new way of being will be love based (instead of fear based).

The Mayan Calendar will end as the great empire of the Mayans is no longer the center of civilization. We have new centers that are growing and changing. The world cycle evolves and a new civilization appears.

It is the dawning of the “Age of Aquarius” once again as we come to the galactic center once again and cycle through clearing and cleaning our world of outdated fear based systems of greed and manipulation. We won’t stand for such things anymore as we raise our frequencies to the highest levels we have ever attained as a group consciousness. We are clearing and cleaning ourselves of unwanted behaviors as we are asking others for the respect that we deserve and giving that respect back to them in return.

The more that we act with love and kindness and let go of the spirit of competition, jealousy and anger the faster we grow and evolve to the next level that is coming with 2012.

We must fill our hearts with love for ourselves and ask for that love from others. We must forgive those who are not yet walking in love and who choose to take an angry path. We must pray for those who are not living in the highest frequency to find their hearts and their joy. We must stand like lanterns of hope and light the way for others who are having trouble finding love in their lives. When we find love in our lives many past wounds heal and resolve themselves. Continue to search for love in every moment that you are given. There is no better path. We are here to learn lessons on love and to learn to respond with love to every given situation.

When I was a little girl no one ever questioned that I was Native American when I was with my father because he totally looked Cherokee. Sometimes I am told that I am not a real Indian because I have light skin and blue eyes or because of my modern ideas. I have had my own very valid visions. Not everyone has to like everything I say or what I believe. Even when those people are someone that I thought were friends.

We must learn tolerance and love for others whatever their views. I can respond with love or I can respond with getting my feelings hurt. I choose love so I will pray for those who don’t agree with my visions and hope that they find love and tolerance in their hearts. Only Creator knows whose visions are true. For me, I tell you with love what I see. I walk a stony bridge between many spiritual paths as well as between Native America and the ways of the white mind. I try to bring everyone to a place of love and tolerance. I forgive the intolerance and ignorance of others. I am here to bring us together as a community of light. I ask to you to let go of warring among the tribes and clans about what ways are right or wrong and what ways are traditional or of God. I ask you to come to love in your heart and do what is loving not what has been the tradition. Some traditions are fear based and need to be updated with love and tolerance for everyone. That is what 2012 is about.

Stay on target! Keep your instrument panel clear and clean. Open your mind to the possibilities of a new world cycle and what it could bring to you in the way of love.

Power up and begin living in a higher frequency. Take responsibility to create the new world in a more loving and wonderful way. Create and respond to your world with love. There is a new year coming and a new world coming right around the bend. Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be in the new world? What do you want your new self and your new world to look like and contain? Begin creating now!

Paint your world with love! Create from your heart.

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