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Three Frogs and the Milk Bucket

milk wooden bucket
Three young frogs were out one day playing. They came to a dairy farm and went to see what was happening there. There was a bucket of milk and eager to know more about it, two of them jumped right into it.

The third frog jumped onto the top rim of the bucket and looked down at his two friends struggling below to jump out of the milk.

After some failed attempts, he shouted down to them, “You’ll never make it. Prepare to die!” The frogs ignored the third one and continued to struggle for as long as possible.

The frog on top continued to shout down, “You’ll never make it. Give up and die peacefully”. Unfortunately one of the two struggling frogs could not continue and disappeared below the surface never to be seen again.

The one remaining continued to try to jump out of the bucket despite the discouragement of his friend on top of the bucket. After a short while his feet had a soft yellow substance to stand on.

He had made butter out of the cream on top of the milk. As soon as he had enough for a foothold, he positioned himself and jumped out of the bucket!

When rejoined by his friend he thanked him for all the encouragement he shouted down to him. He would never have made it without his help.

The frog who survived was deaf!

Moral of the story: You should always turn a deaf ear towards those who do not encourage you.

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