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Call in to speak with a UFO Abductee

Camille Harman

Live radio program November 16, 2010 at 7:00 PM EST. Call-in Number: (347) 994-2531.

Camille James Harman experienced the phenomena known as alien abduction shortly after moving to Los Angeles from New Orleans in 1995. It all began with a neighborhood UFO sighting with her boyfriend, followed by strange attacks in her sleep. Over the next year, Camille experienced more attacks and started documenting her physical evidence. After working with many different healers, Camille had success in ending these experiences. These events changed her life in many ways.

In 2005 Camille moved to Tucson, AZ from Beverly Hills, California, where she was a member of MUFON-Los Angeles for ten years and a journalist with UFO MAGAZINE from 2000-2004.

Camille will chronicle her strange experiences as well as her detective work to make sense of them. She will document evidence of physical tampering, photographic anomalies, as well as share stories of travel to Roswell, NM and to crop circle country in England. She will discuss the psychological, social, and physical changes that she has experienced which she believes are linked to her “adventures in the blue beam.”

Camille will honestly report her current understanding of what happened to her, including all possible alternate explanations that may be the answer.
Camille has a Master of Fine Arts in Drama and Communications from the University of New Orleans, as well as a Bachelor of General Studies, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now U of L). She works with her husband Jeff Harman, a professional astrologer and filmmaker. She is a mom, veggie gardener, and horse woman as well.
“Out of the closet” about her experiences since the beginning, Camille has talked about them in numerous articles, radio and web shows, and television specials.

Call in For Paranormal Psychic Dreams Interpretation

Program Nov. 09, 2010, Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST. “Call in For Paranormal Psychic Dreams Interpretation”

Enjoy my live talk radio program, The Sacred Path, with my guest the popular Gillian Holloway who is a doctor in dream Therapy. She was very popular on her last Radio appearance and she will be taking calls about your dreams. Be sure and call in early. Call-in Number: (347) 994-2531

Interview on Heavenly Seduction

My husband and I in 1980

I will be the guest tonight November 03, 2010 on Darkness Radio with Dave; this program is broadcast in Minneapolis/ Saint Paul on Radio Station KTLK FM 100.3 at 10:30 PM Central Time, I am being interviewed about my memoir Heavenly Seduction. For those of you who do not live in this area the show will be available as a pod cast that you can listen to any time afterwards just click here Pod Cast of Darkness Radio with Cherokee Billie

I discuss the seductive nature of cults based on my experience falling in love with a cult member. This is the story of my induction into the bizarre, nominally Christian cult calling itself The Family, originally known as Children of God. My story, however, is not about Christianity but about love, lust, betrayal, mind control, and mental abuse. My memoir demonstrates the public’s fascination with peculiar religions, especially those using sex to subjugate their followers.

If you have not read my book you can purchase it here My Memoir, “Heavenly Seduction”. This is one story you will not be able to put down until the last page.

‘Is Everything You Know About Ghosts Dead Wrong?’

The Sacred Path Live Talk Radio Show Tuesday October 26, 2010 at 7:00 PM EST

Join Anna and myself as we explore paranormal phenomena. The first fifteen minutes of the program is dedicated to psychic readings, feel free to call in.

Spend the evening with David Franklin Farkas, a professional house healer and ghost rescuer. Ghost phenomena make sense when you understand who/what ghosts are and what THEY are experiencing. David does remote healing of buildings, people and businesses. We welcome your calls. The chat room will be open and it’s always a wonderful lively group. Call-in Number: (347) 994-2531.

Remember the programs are recorded and available 24 hours a day.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Psychic Readings and Ghost Rider Paranormal

October 12, 2010 at 7:00 PM EST is the Sacred Path live talk radio program. The first fifteen minutes of the program is dedicated to psychic readings, feel free to call in. Call-in Number: (347) 994-2531

My guest will be Jon Almada. We will be discussing Jon’s adventures ghost hunting. Jon is a long-time paranormal investigator with a lifetime of experience around the paranormal. He grew up in the computing and propulsion businesses and has a considerable background in electronics, programming and troubleshooting problems of all sorts. All of these skills play out well in the business of paranormal research and hunting spirits in the field. John states, “Science is a wonderful tool and lab work does give us great a wonder in our lives, but the paranormal is so fickle, so unpredictable, that I ultimately realized it was going to take that field work to see these things close up and personal. Thousands of recordings later and with evidence that satisfies me and my own personal curiosity, I remain just as fascinated as when it all started. My hope is to share some of that fascination and some of my stories with you!”


Arizona Ghost Hunter

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 at 7:00 PM EST
on the Sacred Path Radio Show My guest will be Jack San Felice a retired police detective who started in 2009 to become actively involved with a group of paranormal investigators called Arizona Ghost To Ghost. Jack was approached and asked to take some of them to the historic Silver King Mine to allow them to conduct paranormal research at the site of the old mine, and the Old Silver King Town site. Well, this sparked his interest and since then he has participated in numerous “ghost hunting” or paranormal experiences. The most recent “hunt” was August 2010, on Friday the 13th. He saw, as well as documented, some “otherworldly spirits” and paranormal experiences at the Old town of Florence, Arizona. They included visual “entities” and lights that turned on in response to direct questions at the scene of a 1800s historic gunfight and an old 1800s jail where two holdup men were lynched. The chat room will be open and we look forward to your calls. Call-in Number: (347) 994-2531


UFO’s Gaining World Recognition

Over the past week so much has been in the news about UFO’s. It seems that many official people are coming out about knowing that there have been visitations and what they have seen or experienced. Just three weeks ago I had Camille Harman on my radio program that has been adducted in the past by UFO’s and I also had Suzanne Taylor on My program discussing crop circles. I had these guests booked months in advance and it seems like everything has come together Right after my programs. As we know nothing happens by accident. All of my radio programs can be listened to in the archives as they are permanently available. So if you missed any of them please go back and check out what we talked about.

The video that is included talks about All of the events over the past week. I think it makes quite a statement when the United Nations appoints an official delegate to greet any alien visitors that may show themselves. Whether you believe or not evidence is mounting more and more.

By the way both of these guests will be back on my program in November. Keep checking the schedule and don’t miss the next programs as you will be able to call in with your questions.

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