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Make It So

captain picard

Captain Picard

You know what it is you wish to accomplish. Today is the time to make it so. The moment you hold in your hands right now is the link between intention and reality. This day is the arena in which life can be lived and dreams fulfilled.

Remember on the program Star Trek how Captain Picard would order, “Make It So” and everyone would go into action to create what he had commanded. We need to think of commanding our own life using this simple technique.

How long have you wished, how intently have you imagined what the world could be? Here is your opportunity to make it so. The past has already faded into memory. It cannot stop you nor can it push you. This moment right now is yours to live; free of any that have come before.

You have more knowledge, more experience, and more wisdom today than you’ve ever had before. Make use of it all. Make it count. Make it happen. Make it so.

UPDATE: This message was erroneously posted without giving credit to the original author. It is by Ralph Marston of The Daily Motivator. I regret the oversight and highly recommend that you check out his website of daily motivational messages.

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