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My Father’s 97Th Birthday

Me , My Mother and Father in 1967

Me , My Mother, and Father in 1967

I wrote a tribute on Father’s Day to my father, well June 26 is his birthday. This year he would have been 97 years old. I cannot begin to imagine him at that age. The last fifteen years of his life was hard on him as he suffered from Parkinson’s disease. I watched him go down bit by bit and it was rough as he had always been such a strong, intelligent, and powerful man.

At the age of 76 he could not do anything for himself anymore.  Thanksgiving weekend 1994 he ended up in the hospital and collapsed into a coma within hours.  This is where my biggest spiritual learning came into place.

He was comatose and I knew that he had a great fear of dying. What I did was put myself in a hypnotic state and I projected myself to his hospital room and there I took his spirit and we traveled to the other side (the fifth dimension). I had never done this before in my life, but I was desperate for him to be able to pass and not be kept alive on machines

I figured my mother would be the first one to greet him as she passed away several years before. Surprisingly the person that greeted my father on the other side was his army sergeant who had been killed in World War Two. My father was so happy to see him again. I waited at the entrance and my father went and visited so many people that he loved and loved him. I could hear him and the others laughing and talking.  When he was finished he came to me and we transported back into his hospital room and he went back into his body.  The next day he died. I knew that he died without fear.

The following morning as I awoke my father was screaming into my right ear everything he wanted me to know. I woke up saying, “Dad, you’re hurting my ear. Stop talking so loud.” I then did my best to remember exactly what he had been saying. It amazed me. I had never had such a spiritual connection in my life. Over the next few days he appeared to me, each time with a message. Throughout the years he has continued to communicate and on rare occasions I have been able to see him. It’s absolutely fascinating. He’s definitely my main Spirit Guide.

So not only did my father teach me so much when he was living, but he taught me a great deal after he died.  So I attribute my spiritual abilities as being inherited from him.

I know that I was blessed to have such a wonderful man as my father in my life.  So I just want to say “Thank you Daddy for everything. I know you will be waiting for me when I cross over. I love you.”

Your daughter,
Cherokee Billie

Interesting Past Life Regression Today

I had the wonderful opportunity to do a past life regression with a client today and this gentleman received so many answers as well as visiting two of his past lives. What was surprising for me, once he was in a hypnotic state, was he started describing a woman right away and I knew it was his Guardian angel who was going to show him these past lives. I asked him if he could describe her and he did and her name was Mayra! When I heard that I was totally blown away because I instantly thought of precious Mayra from my blog, I know what a spiritual woman she is and I thought that many of you would want to here about this because Mayra is not a common name in the western world. Perhaps this Guardian angel comes to you as well Mayra.

The past lives that I did with this man were quite remarkable and when we finished he told me he really didn’t expect to get anything from this. He was surprised at the detail of our session and all the answers he got. I thought you might enjoy this little story about some of the work I do. I’m sure that many of you will enjoy hearing about the Guardian angel.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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