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One on One Intuitive Classes


Have you ever wanted to tap into your intuitive self? All of us have the capability to be our own psychic; it’s just learning how to utilize the power within. I have been teaching people for years privately and if you would like one on one instruction check out my intuitive classes.

I customize each class for the individual, but here is the basic outline of classes.

Class One: Charka Balancing

Class Two: Self Hypnosis

Class Three: Automatic Writing/ Spiritual Communication

Class Four: Astral Travel

You do not need experience to take these classes and we go at your own rate. Besides my personal one on one instruction you will receive homework just like any other type of class. It’s up to you at what rate you want to go.

Learn More By Clicking Here

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

In Order To Hear Within You Need To Stop!

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”
The voice within us… you know the one. It gives you guidance and direction. Leads you toward your purpose; helps you fulfill your dreams. You hear that voice often right? Or is your life so busy that you cannot hear it? Are you so surrounded by noise and brain clutter that your purpose in life and your dreams also seem at such a far off, distant whisper that you can barely recognize them?

In order to hear and connect with the higher self within you must stop on a regular basis. A tree does not grow to its full, magnificent height in a single season. Rather, it grows for a few months, sheds all its leaves, and becomes temporarily dormant. After a period of rest, the tree sprouts a whole new set of leaves and begins to grow upward again. In today’s modern society we tend to keep going even when our bodies and mind is crying out for rest. I have found that many people do not know how to be quiet and being alone scares them to death. Why? Because they have to face themselves and sometimes deal with situations that are disturbing and they don’t want to look at.

Life is a cycle of effort and rest. The effectiveness of each depends on the other. Get enough rest, and you’ll be more effective in your efforts. Put your energy into your actions, and you’ll rest well. I’m often asked, “How can I rest when I can’t turn off my mind.”

That’s when you need to do a form of meditation such as:
1. Prayer
2. Lying back and listening to music on radio or CD
3. Focusing attention, while sitting still, on a fishing rod float; gazing at a loved person, object, or scene
4. Fireside or barbecue contemplation.

All these activities and many more, involve staying still and passive attention to something.
A passive attitude means that distractions from environmental sounds and the inevitable intrusion into the mind of thoughts and images are viewed casually and detachedly, this is being in a meditative state. Let them come and go, of no more consequence than clouds passing across an expanse of sky.

Going, going, and going all the time will not get you where you truly desire to be. Move steadily and forcefully forward. Then stop for a while. Consider where you are, how you got here, and where you will go next. Even the most carefully planned route requires frequent mid-course corrections. So take a regular break to get your bearings. Practice meditation and deep breathing exercises daily. Deep breathing for five minutes will relax the body and clear the mind. If you feel intense anxiety breathe in deeply through the nose and hold the breath for five seconds, then exhale forcefully through the mouth and repeat this until you feel the stress and tension melting away. Once you feel more peaceful you will find your inner voice and be able to listen to the messages you are receiving.

Here is my meditation video that you can listen to at any time to quiet your mind and help you achieve peace.

What is the difference between Angels and Spirit Guides?

Angels and Spirit Guides
Angels and Spirit Guides come in all shapes and sizes, and from many dimensions.

The Angels keep us connected with our Source, and our Guides help us find the way back home.

All we have to do is ask….

There are legions of angels and guides ready and willing to help us along the road in life… there is only one rule: we must ask before they can intervene on our behalf.
I have had the great good fortune in life of connecting with some awesome, loving guides and I have laughed and played with the angels on more then one occasion… I am certain that Guides exists because of their support – and yes, their intervention at critical moments… Being psychic and also committed to a holistic, spiritual path in life, these connections were natural for me… and so it is a given that I would include insights and messages about angels and guides in this message.

What’s the Difference Between an Angel and a Spirit Guide?

Angels are essentially messengers, conduits between us and our Source. Angels may have manifested here on planet earth, but always as angels, never as humans. Many Spirit Guides have lived here on planet earth as humans. Some are ancients, carrying the wisdom of the ages, making it accessible at various times in our evolution as a species, as we have needed it, and been able to receive it. Some guides are healers, intent on helping us relieve our pain and clear the fears that get in our way in life, some guides are entities from other dimensions who have chosen to participate in the transformation of planet earth. Perhaps they are the representatives of our Higher Selves.

There are countless different kinds of angels and guides at work with us at any moment.

So, how do you know whether you’re connecting with an angel, a guide or your Higher Self? I don’t think it matters as long as you are using spiritual protection. Always surround yourself in White Light. I don’t know about you, but I’m open to loving support from all positive directions. While I find it useful to get a name, and to understand the purpose in a particular guide or angel’s presence in my life, this is just so I can more easily tune into their vibration and recognize them in the future. Most often I really don’t know how exactly they have intervened; I simply see a prayer answered.

Each guide generally comes to you for a specific purpose – creative abilities, healing issues, spiritual development, etc. A guide can save you during an accident, by entering your body or stopping time.

I have discovered that people who live in balance have humorous spirit guides and manifest positively in the physical, faster now than ever before, and in a healthy way.
The angels and guides around me have answered so many of my prayers, in so many astounding, at times, miraculous, ways that I know it is important – and so very worthwhile – for you to make your own connections. It’s fun and fascinating and will open up a whole new life for you.

Connecting With Your Intuitive Self!

Connecting With Your Intuitive Self!
On Thursday May 30, 2013 at 12:00 PM ET- 9:00 AM PT, I will be hosting a radio program about connecting with your Intuitive Self. Join psychic Danni and me as we discuss the Higher Self, Inner Guidance, and answer your Psychic Questions. We all have the capability of receiving answers from Spirit; it’s just learning how to tune in. Join us on this fast paced half hour. You can call in at (347) 994-2531. Click Here To Read More About The Program And To Listen Live Or Later. Remember these programs are always available 24 hours a day in the archives.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

One-On-One Psychic Classes

Delve Into Spirituality
Have you wanted to learn psychic skills, but do not have the time to take classes, read books, spend large amounts of money, or go to seminars? Here is the solution. You can learn how to be psychic and learn spiritual abilities one on one from Cherokee Billie by telephone and the internet! It’s fast and effective.


If you’d like to Learn More about being a Psychic and Spirituality-Then My New Private Course Is For You!

Study with a Native American
Spiritualist with 25 + years experience. Cherokee Billie will guide you step by step through various exercises to help you reach your spiritual goals and help you get the most out of studying to be a psychic. Learn techniques that can effectively help you tap into your Higher Self for answers from the Divine Spirit.

100% flexibility – study at your own pace whenever you want too. This is all accomplished through the telephone and the internet! You can work around your own schedule – it’s up to you.

Click here for full information on Psychic one on one Classes

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I Am Raising The Cost Of This Class As Of June 26, 2011. This Is Why I’m Putting Out The Notification About The Class Now So You Can Get The Best Price. If You Purchased Now Then Want To Take The Class Later That Is Fine By Me.

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