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Nut Full Moon Date: Monday, September 12, 2011

Names Given to the Moon by Other Cultures:
Colonial American: Harvest Moon
Chinese: Chrysanthemum Moon
Native American(Cherokee): Nut Moon

This full Moon is the Cherokee “Nut Moon” or the Celtic “Singing Moon.” Watch it rise as the Sun sets.

The corn harvest referred to as “Ripe Corn Festival” also known as the “Nut Moon” [spoken “Nv-da u-da-ta-nv” in Cherokee], was customarily held in the early part of this moon to acknowledge Selu the spirit of the corn. Selu is thought of as First Woman. The festival respects Mother Earth as well for providing all foods during the growing season. The “Brush Feast Festival” also customarily takes place in this season. All the fruits and nuts of the bushes and trees of the forest were gathered as this time. A wide variety of nuts from the trees went into the nut breads for the various festivals throughout the seasons. Hunting traditionally began in earnest at this time.

Nut was the goddess of the sky and all heavenly bodies, a symbol of protecting the dead when they enter the after life. According to the Egyptians, the heavenly bodies—such as the sun and moon—would make their way across her body. Then, at dusk or dawn, they would be swallowed, pass through her belly during the night or day, and be reborn.

The moon continues to fascinate us with all of its mysteries.

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