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Let The Creators Light And Power Into Your Life!

One of the greatest of healing factors is faith, to know that The Creator loves you and cares for you and is going to take care of you no matter what happens. Faith eliminates one of the greatest causes of disease and ill health, and that’s fear and tension.

Fear, tension, hatred: All breed the various psychological and nervous diseases as well as the natural physiological diseases like heart trouble and arthritis and stomach ulcers, all of which can be caused by worry and fear.

So the elimination of fear by faith gives peace of mind and rest to your stomach and vital organs, including rest to your heart and the actual elimination of poisons from the blood which causes illness. In other words, your state of mind can actually poison your body. This science knows and has proven.

Because peaceful meditation and mental concentration on positive attitudes and good thoughts, etc., do definitely have a good effect on both mind and body through the right spiritual attitude.

The two greatest sources of fear and worry are the past and the future––remorse over the past, or fear over the future!

The one who trusts really rests in The Creator. Perfect love casts out all fear-for fear has torment. The Creator has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind! Which shows the definite relationship of mental disease to fear!

So your physical state of health is definitely dependent largely on your mental state of health, and your mental health is very largely dependent on your spiritual condition, because both love and faith cast out all fear.––Faith and trust in The Creator gives you a feeling of rest of body, peace of mind, contentment of heart and spiritual well-being, which all tend to greatly improve your whole state of well-being.

Most people do not understand scientific realities but still have to accept them because they work and they can feel the effects of these forces as demonstrated in our daily lives.

We use the power of electricity in our everyday lives, even though no one really understands it––not even the scientists! They only know its laws, its actions, and its effects and have learned how to channel and conduct it to serve many useful purposes upon which we are dependent.

Even so, we must accept the very existence of The Creator, even though we don’t know where He came from or who made Him, if anyone, or how He got here or where He came from. We simply know He does exist and The Creator is here, ever-present, all-knowing and all-powerful.

We must accept The Creators power for our own benefit, usefulness, life, love, health and happiness in everyday living just as you use electricity, even though you don’t understand it fully or know where it came from or how it got here, and you may not even understand how it works. All you know is, it works!––You flip the switch and make the connection and it works. You make contact with the power of electricity and it does the work for you.

Just so, you must learn to make personal contact with the power of The Creator and learn to let The Creator do the work of bringing you joy, health and happiness in everyday living and of being useful in your life and giving you faith and rest and comfort and peace instead of fear and restlessness and worry.

You must learn how to contact The Creators power through prayer, meditation, listening, and a spiritual seeking of contact with His Spirit.

Let The Creators light and power into the room of your life to give you light and power and joy in living by doing many things for you which you cannot do for yourself, just as electricity does through the simple flip of a switch or the turning of a dial.

We must avail ourselves of The Creator just as we do the electricity which gives us light, power, fuel, fire, heat, communication, transportation and all these marvels of modern Man which we use in our daily living, even though most of us haven’t the least idea of where it comes from or how it got here or who made it, and most of us still don’t even understand how it works or the laws which govern it, and certainly none of us has ever seen it, only its effects.

All we have to know is to have faith in the power so that we’re willing to make the connection that lets it into our daily lives by receiving it, by taking that definite step of faith in reaching out our hand of faith and turning the switch of decision which makes the contact and starts the flow of that power into our lives to light, guide, warm, feed, provide, protect, work for us and give us pleasure!

All you have to know is it’s here and that it’s obvious it’s here because it works, and you can prove that it works by the simple little decision of switching on to it and trying it to see that it works! You don’t have to take my word for it or anybody else’s. Try it! You’ll like it! Just flip the switch of decision by your own human will and let the light in and see how quickly the darkness flees!

Begin to enjoy yourself and a life filled with the power of The Creator at every turning of the dials and connections of the switches of prayer and contact with the Source!

Forget trying to explain it! Quit trying to understand it! Stop trying to diagnose it and take it all apart and analyze it! You’re just making hard work out of all the fun! Just turn it on and enjoy it! Flip out and have a ball with The Creator! He’s your electricity! He’s what gives you such a charge!

As long as it works that’s all that matters! Don’t try to figure The Creator out.––Just let The Creator in! The Creator works!––And that’s all you need to know!

Animals Have Souls-They Are The Essence Of Pure Love!

By Cherokee Billie
The subject of animals having souls is cause for great debate for religions and individuals. Yet, if you have ever had a close relationship with an animal you know they have emotions and a soul. It is a scientific fact that energy cannot die, it only changes form. That applies to humans and animals.


A Spiritual Spring

By Reverend Harold Boulette.
“All things shall melt and turn into songs when Spring comes. Even the stars, the vast snow-flakes that fall slowly upon the larger fields, shall melt into singing streams. When the sun of His face shall rise above the wider horizon, then what frozen symmetry would not turn into liquid melody? And who among you would not be the cup-bearer to the myrtle and laurel?” ~Kahlil Gibran

It sounds like Gibran is expecting the world to become one of sound, of a celestial melody, at the end times, but this is metaphor for the world of disharmony/materialism becoming a world of harmony/spirit. It sounds like a wonderful thing the way Gibran describes it here, and indeed it is, but don’t forget that before we can have that wonderful spring come to melt the snow and warm our hearts, there must be a winter to bring that snow in the first place, and that is what we have been experiencing in the past few decades.

The snow is, of course, also metaphor. It represents hardship, difficulties, the horrors brought about by man’s insistence that he can run things and doesn’t need God interfering ( or that God should intervene only when, where, and how man asks Him to as if God was our servant when it is supposed to be us who serve God). The “snow” comes in many forms: disease, storms, wars, famine, floods, etc. And in the past few years, these hardships have been getting more common and that will continue into next year.

To some extent, the snow can be avoided, but it requires us to wake up to reality. Before the Spring Gibran wrote about can set us free, we have to acknowledge that we have become prisoners of our own greed and materialism, our own lack of faith, and our willingness to do the work of Satan and his dark forces, and we have to turn to God to set us free. And not a god we have made in our own image, but the true God of spirit.

Animals Have Souls-They Are The Essence Of Pure Love!

By Cherokee Billie.

The subject of animals having souls is cause for great debate for religions and individuals. Yet, if you have ever had a close relationship with an animal you know they have emotions and a soul. It is a scientific fact that energy cannot die, it only changes form. That applies to humans and animals.

Many people have faith and believe that when they shuffle off this mortal coil they will be in heaven. Faith applies in the belief that we will be reunited with our precious pets on the other side. St. Francis of Assisi is honored by the Catholic Church as the patron saint of animals. Why would there be a saint for animals if there was not a soul or spirit to these precious creatures?

I have never seen an animal place a baby in a bag and throw it into the water to drown. I have never seen an animal shoot a human being for sport. I have never seen an animal set fire to a human for enjoyment.

I have seen animals rescue humans and other animals. I have seen animals cry over the death of their beloved master or the loss of one of their own kind. I have seen mother animals care and nurture their children.

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Faith Is Believing Without Seeing

Native American Spirit

Native American Spirit

From all the different communications I have received it seems like people are greatly confused about what happens after death.  Everyone has a different belief and we are all right and we are all wrong.  To understand spirituality is like trying to encompass the ocean in a cup.  You can’t teach a baby algebra and for us to understand and comprehend spirituality is about the same.  We’re like babies in that we don’t know all the answers.  Many people cling to beliefs and yet no one knows exactly what it’s like to be on the other side until you are there. 


This is where faith comes in.  Faith Is Believing Without Seeing.  I know that there is life after death and we just have to believe in it and we will eventually be in Spirit and see it firsthand.  It does not matter what your beliefs are or what term you use for God, the Great Spirit, Allah or what ever they all lead to the Divine.

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