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Protecting Your Spiritual Self! Live Radio Program October 3

doors of perception
Live at 9:00 PM ET-6:00 PM PT Thursday, October 3 – I will be hosting a program on “Protecting Your Spiritual Self!” Did you ever think about your spiritual protection? We go through our daily activities not realizing that we’re constantly being bombarded by negative energies. Learn new ways to keep yourself and your loved ones spiritually protected. You can call in with your questions. Click here for details.

These energies can cause you to be fatigued, irritable or stressed out. We use protection for our houses, medical, cars, and life insurance, but stop to think about protecting our spiritual selves. In our world of instant everything you have to learn that the universe works slowly, but surely. During our program we will be discussing various methods you can use for spiritual protection from the Divine Source. Also I will explain what you can do if you feel you are being spiritually attacked.

I will be taking your calls and answering your spiritual questions during this program. So join us live at 9:00 PM ET-6:00 PM PT Thursday, October 3 for this exciting program.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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