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Take A Journey Into The Spirit World

Take A Journey Into The Spirit World-April 22, 2014-click picture for radio program information
Most people are familiar with the concept of channeling the deceased. In the past I did channeling for many years. I became more and more uncomfortable doing this process as I felt it was wrong to command a spirit to come on demand. Sometimes I had departed souls tell me to leave them alone. I stopped channeling two years ago because I have found a better and gentler approach to communicating with a deceased loved one, Spirit Guides and even Angels, which I call Guided Journey into the Spirit World. Using this method I am able to take people into the spirit world through astral projection. In this process you are able to see and talk directly to whoever is waiting for you in the spirit world. There is no demand on who will come to you on this journey, but it will be whoever has messages for You.

I am doing a radio program on this subject Tuesday, April 22 at 9:00 PM ET, 8:00 PM CT, 6:00 PM PT. Join me for this exciting program and I will explain this different approach to spiritual communication. CLICK HERE FOR RADIO SHOW INFO.

If you do not get to hear the program live please remember that you can listen to this program 24 hours a day as it is archived. Just click the link above and it will take you to the program.

If you want to know more about the Journey in the Spirit World you can CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

My Mama Wants Me To Hear Her.

My Mama Wants Me To Hear Her. Click picture for full article
I did a psychic reading yesterday for a lady and she sent me a picture of herself. After we finished the reading I looked at her picture once again and suddenly I realized she looked like my mother at the age of 67, which happened to be this lady’s age. I am always looking for spiritual signs from my parents as they are the only family I had. Never have I done a reading for someone that looks like my mother.

Later in the day my physical therapist, Carmen, was in my room about to start my therapy when suddenly there was a loud crashing sound, as those something was being thrown, and we both were startled. Neither one of us had touched anything. There was a picture of my mother on the mantle and it had fallen. Not downward, but like it was thrown because of the distance where it landed. There was no mistaking that my mother was trying to get through to me at that moment. When my mother was alive and I was going through a difficult health crisis she was always there and I knew she had something to say.

As Carmen worked on my body I was silent and asked my mother what she wanted to say. “I’ve always known you were sick and I’m here to help you. I will be with you always and will help you transition into spirit.” This made me feel not so alone and that help is right here with me.

This is only the second time since my mother passed, 27 years ago, that I have heard her talking. People always want to talk with their deceased loved one, but in spirit they speak to you when they feel it is the right time. Spirits do not speak on command. Obviously my mother feels compelled to reach out to me. There is no question that she is one of my spirit guides.

I’m looking forward to more messages and signs from her as I know that something major is transpiring to bring her to me at this time. Spirit is full of mystery and does have its own way and timing.

Okay Mama I’m waiting for the next message! Your daughter, Billie

How I Channel the Deceased

by Cherokee Billie

One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive is: Is it possible to communicate with a loved one who has passed away and, if so, how to do it. Loved ones usually try to get messages through to us to let us know how they are doing. They will communicate through psychics. They will try to appear to us. Sometimes they will come to us and project a smell that will remind us of them. Other times we will be sitting quietly and we will intuitively know they are there with us. They also work through electricity – turning TVs and radios on and off, affecting lights, doorbells, phones and computers. They seem to be able to manipulate energy – most likely because they’re energy!

How I started being able to communicate with the deceased started with my father’s passing in 1994. He passed away in the morning. The following morning as I awoke he was screaming into my right ear everything he wanted to me to know. I woke up saying, “Dad, you’re hurting my ear. Stop talking so loud.” I then did my best to remember exactly what he had been saying. It amazed me. I had never had such a spiritual connection in my life. Over the next few days he appeared to me, each time with a message. Yes, he actually was visible on his appearances the week following his death. Throughout the years he has continued to communicate and on rare occasions I have been able to see him. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Even though I had studied religions and beliefs in the afterlife, it never became real to me until my communication with my father. I have absolute belief in life after death. I think this is what has opened me up to be able to receive messages from people who are deceased.

I moved into a house in 1998 that had been custom designed by a paraplegic. He had died in that house. It only took a few days after moving in before he started manifesting his presence by turning on lights. From there a multitude of spirits started coming around. Sometimes as I would be sleeping there would be many walking around my bedroom quietly, but the sound of the carpet moving would wake me up, I could actually see them at this point, and I would ask them to please be quiet and they always cooperated. I continued to have many spirits visit me in this house.

Not all that visited me were all of God. Many of my friends had bad experiences seeing different spirits throughout my house. Even my cleaning lady who could not speak English came out of my bedroom scared one day and was able to tell me about a spirit that came out of the closet and frightened her. My best friend saw the same spirit coming out of my closet and it scared him. I would just keep myself surrounded in God’s White Light and trust that I would be protected. Eventually I sold this home, but it still holds a very special place in my heart.

The more I worked as a professional psychic I started receiving messages and images from the other side. I finally had a client ask me if I could communicate with her son who had been killed in an automobile accident. I told her that I would try. What came through amazed not only me, but her. I was able to tell her so much about what he felt and how happy he was now. Then it hit me that talking with the deceased is really no different then doing a psychic reading. I cannot see the person I am doing the reading for – we are connected through wires, satellites, and radio waves. I am able to connect to the other person (their spirit) and get answers. From this realization I found the answers from the other side started coming faster.

I am a guide standing at the threshold of the other side. I have no knowledge of your interlink. I am only a voice from this world to the other world. Is there someone waiting? Is there another who wishes to speak to you? Is there one on the other side you want to talk to?

I can give you nothing more than what the other world wishes to convey. I am merely a connection from the inner or outer world to you. I can make the interlink between you and the other side because I stand in the shadowy realm between both worlds.

Although I will seek to receive the message from your loved one that has passed, sometimes the message comes from one or others that I did not seek. I can only pass the messages to you that I am given. The strongest messages come through which are not always from the one I asked to speak with. Accept the message from no matter where it comes, because it was given for a reason.

Now I communicate with the deceased on a regular basis for my clients. It’s always intriguing to hear what comes through. Believe me it’s one of my favorite parts of doing this work.

Spirits or deceased loved ones don’t all speak. Some think to us, in other words their messages come through as thoughts. They also communicate with us through images, pictures in our minds. Again, interpretation is the key.

When we go to the other side, we go to a different culture, there is a prevailing calmness over there. The day-to-day dramas don’t exist as we know them. Souls on the other side aren’t caught up in the daily struggles we are or in the deep need to survive. They realize they have survived, and they see life here as a series of experiences to learn from. They don’t always cling to the memories the way we have a tendency to do. They experience everything in present tense. There are no clocks or calendars, no time as we think of it. Yes, souls on the other side do have memories; they remember some of their yesterdays, but they’re not necessarily the ones we remember.

Finally, remember that departed loved ones may be having just as hard a time as we are accepting their deaths. It’s very important to respect their process. Pulling on them too hard makes it harder for them to move on.

If you are having a difficult time with the loss of a loved one, don’t ask your loved one to comfort you. Seek out someone here who can help you.

Life after physical death is truly a reunion back to our real life, our true existence. Just as our clothes cover our bodies, our bodies cover our souls. When our souls move out of our bodies and move on to the next dimension, they are free! Free to see and know the truth about themselves, their lives, heaven, and God.

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