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Davy Jones and the Memories He Brings To Mind.

Davy Jones of the Monkees died February 29, 2012. I was a teenager when the Monkees came on the scene in August 1966, which was the best summer of my life.

I fell in love for the first time in August, 1966 with a young man named Gene. Before the Monkees weekly television program came on the song “Last Train to Clarksville” was released and made a big splash on the music scene. This song had so much meaning for so many because it was the height of the Vietnam War and many were going off and leaving their loved ones behind, which this song beautifully reflected. When the Monkees television program debut in September 1966 I was with Gene and we laughed to their antics and enjoyed the music.

The Monkees songs were melodic, catchy, and many have endured over the years. The first two they released, “Last Train to Clarksville” and “I’m a Believer,” became No. 1 hits. So did “Daydream Believer,” on which Jones sang the lead and which Dolenz told The Associated Press four years ago remains the Monkees’ most requested song at concerts.

I loved all of the Monkees from the beginning, I did not have a crush on any of them, but I loved their comedy and music. Each week Gene and I would watch the program.

After that summer Gene parents and mine did not want us seeing each other because we came from different racial backgrounds. We managed to see each other secretly for quite some time, but eventually our parents won and we were not allowed to see one another anymore.

When I heard the news of Davy Jones passing yesterday I couldn’t help but go back to that wonderful year of my life and experiencing that magical first love with Gene.

I always thought of Davy as a sweet and kind man. He had been acting and singing all of his life and he was a natural entertainer. He was never known as a drug addict or alcoholic. I believe he was blessed to be able to pass into spirit in his sleep.

His death reminds me of how quickly time goes and what a brief moment we have on this planet.

I want to say thank you Davy for all of the joy you brought to so many people in your life, me included. I’m sure that you’re with the rock and roll choir in heaven right now. Blessings to you gentle spirit.

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