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A Christmas Eve Party for the Little Ones.


This is a really nice tradition that you can start with your children or grandchildren this year.  You can turn this night into a party for all of you.

Start with a box and fill it with Christmas decorated pajamas, a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, snacks for the movie and a Christmas book.  Wrap all of it up in Christmas wrap and pass it out early Christmas Eve. This can also be done a day in advance if necessary.

It’s a wonderful way to bond and feel closeness with your children or grandchildren.  In today’s world so many children turn to their Iphone or tablet for communication and it has become a new way of bonding.  It’s time to go back and connect one on one with your loved ones.

Another thing you can put in the box if you choose would be a board game.  These are wonderful as you are what playing with one another and not with a computer.  This year take some of the technology out of your Christmas and find a way back to its real meaning which is love and togetherness.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Grow Candy Canes With Magic Elf Seeds

Christmas Craft Ideas CUT

This is a wonderful tradition to start for little children. Remind them that the Elves make the toys and are Santa Claus helpers, so they understand why they are planting seeds. Explain that the Elves will leave them a gift. You can do this Christmas Eve or a few nights before.

You don’t need an elf on the shelf to do this, anything works

Things needed:
Green tic tac candy
A bowl
Sugar or flour to fill the bowl
Candy canes

The night before Christmas take a bowl and fill it with sugar or flour. Then have the children plant candy in the bowl as seeds. Once the children are in bed remove the candy and fill the bowl with Candy Canes. Can you imagine the looks on their precious little faces in the morning when they see the gift that the Elves gave them?

Next morning, SURPRISE!

Have some added fun! Get the mini candy canes and use them before the big ones! Your children will be AMAZED!

Candy Cane p

Create new memories this Christmas that will last a lifetime.

Holiday blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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