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From Darkness Emerges The Light

Each New Year brings with it the hope that things will be better. This hope pulls many of us through difficult situations.

The beginning of this year has started out with a great deal of violence in Paris France, due to terrorist acts. This is not just a physical attack, but a spiritual one. There are many dark negative forces trying to pull down the light. Fear comes from a dark place and these energies feed upon people’s fear.

It is with great pleasure to see so many gathering together in unity and sharing their hopes and the light against negative forces. Millions attended the rally along with many world leaders in response to last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris against Charlie Hebdo magazine and other victims.

Remember whatever you are going through in this world that you are in a battle! The battle is to continue to be a Light Worker and not be sharing the darkness.

Never give in to the Negative forces! Continue to call upon the light for the entire world and yourself. It is our job to keep the light going.

I love the spirit of the people in France and the way they have rallied against the negative forces that want to destroy their life.

It was a beautiful moment yesterday January 12, 2015 when the people of France joined together and sang “Imagine.” John Lennon’s message of peace and hope lives on. We are not just Dreamers-We are joining together as One!

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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