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Celebrating the Life of Michael Jackson

Celebrating the Life of Michael Jackson-click picture for tribute article
June 25, 2014 marks five years since Michael Jackson passed into spirit. He was loved by millions and always will be. I would like to honor his life by asking you to write a short or long piece that I could post on my blog in remembrance of a remarkable entertainer and person. I will be sharing all of these throughout the month of June.

Many of you may know that I did communicate with the spirit of Michael Jackson for many months after he passed. It was a real privilege and I am deeply touched that he felt that he could convey his messages for his fans through me. I know that it helped many people. I no longer share messages that I receive from Michael as it brought out some real negative people who ended up attacking me. No matter what anyone thinks about me, I still believe Michael Jackson deserves to be remembered.

If you would like to hear one of the messages I received from him you can by Clicking Here

You can post your message here or else send it to me by e-mail through my website. Click Here To Send Me A Message.

So together let’s celebrate the life of Michael Jackson by listening to his music, reading his books, and watching his videos. Those are the gifts that he left behind as well as all of his charitable work. Always celebrate someone’s life rather than their death.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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