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The Sun Dagger on Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon

From: The Evolution of Astronomical Calendars by Bryan C. Bates

The “light-dagger” or Sun Dagger atop of Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon was built by Anasazi people. As the sun migrates between the solstices, not only does the sunrise and sunset position change but so also the altitude of the sun in the sky. Set behind three slabs of rock the meridian suns sends a dagger of light across a rock face onto which the Chacoans carved an 18.6 grooved spiral petroglyph. A single dagger through the center marks summer solstice, whereas two light daggers bracketing the petroglyph mark winter solstice. The Equinox is mark by the appearance of a new dagger across a smaller spiral in the upper left corner. This petroglyphs marks the migration of the sun for each day of the year.

But perhaps more amazing is what researchers didn’t see in their original research effort. There are two very shallow grooves, one tangent to the left side, the other emanating from the center of the petroglyph. These grooves are associated with the change in the angle of the moon’s orbit (not phases) over an 18.6-year “Metonic” cycle. When a full moon rises at its maximum northern extent, it will cast a light shadow line directly down the upper groove. Nine and 1/3 years later, the moon rests at its northern minimum position and will cast a light shadow line through the center shallow groove. Culturally, there is evidence that the Chacoan and Puebloan peoples observed the interrelationship between the Sun and the Moon, an aspect of duality that permeates their religious perspectives. There is no indication that these people could predict eclipses; however, such observational practices can lead to the determination of patterns likely necessary to determine when eclipses are most likely to occur.

The Anasazi made a really cool astronomical calendar. The Sun Dagger marks both the passages of the Sun, the equinox and solstices but the movements of the moon through its 19 rings on the spiral that is carved into the wall. Like the 18 standings stones, it follows with the rings of the spiral with one extra to mark the return.

All the most important temples on the Earth are star temples. This is one of the Native American ones and there are several. Hovenweep, Chimney Rock, Mesa Verde all have solar and lunar alignments to name a few of the more well known ones.

Fajada Butte

Yes, they carved the big huge stones just so and laid them up there on the top of that big butte, those ancient geniuses, in just the right position to make these daggers chart those events on their sacred spirals.

So mark your calendars for July 25, 2013 when the new world cycle begins and put in motion the new wheels of the Mayan Calendar cogs because if you remember the way the Mayan Calendar really works; it fits a new cog into the wheel at the time of the new world cycle and continues in a circular fashion never ending.

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