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Guardian Angel Day October 02, 2016


It is wonderful to acknowledge our Guardian angels and this tradition has been around for centuries. What is the purpose of this feast day?

  • To thank God that He has given each one of us a Guardian Angel to guide us to good thoughts, works and words and to preserve us from evil.
  • To inspire us with gratitude to the protector Archangels like Michael, who do us such great good, and to incite us to efforts to render ourselves worthy of their guardianship.
  • To be with us at the moment of our deaths, and to guide us to God.

Interestingly, the entire month of October is devoted to Angels. October 2 is devoted to the Guardian Angels.

Make it a point to talk to your Guardian Angel everyday this month. Ask that you get to know your angel better. You’ll never have a better friend!

Here are some main points about Guardian angels.

  • God made a special angel for you called your guardian angel.
  • Angels are spirits, so they don’t have bodies like ours, but we can picture them with bodies, wings, and halos because this is how they appear to people sometimes, and it helps us to think about them.
  • Your angel is always with you all the time, even though you can’t see him.
  • Your angel has 3 important jobs; to enlighten you, guide you, and protect you.
  • Although your angel may help protect you from earthly harms sometimes, it’s a more important job for your angel to protect you from spiritual harms.
  • God gave you the special gift of free will, so even though your angel can help you in many ways, it’s still possible for you to choose to do bad or dangerous things sometimes. We must always be careful!

Take time to each day throughout this month to give thanks to your Guardian angel for being with you. A simple “Thank You Guardian Angel” can make a big difference in your life. The angels are always waiting for us to invite them in. Ask for their help. Take this month to connect with your Guardian Angel and all of the other angels that are around you and see how your life changes for the better.

If you know someone who is seriously ill ask for their Guardian Angels to touch them with their healing power.

If someone you love is facing the end of their life help them to know that their Angels will be with them throughout the transition from the physical into the spiritual body.

There is nothing more I enjoy that helping someone to understand how their angel is working with them.

Get to know your Guardian Angel. I can assist you in finding out who your Guardian Angel is and ways that you can communicate more effectively. Check out My Services by Clicking Here.

Prayer of Thy Healing Angels. That is carried from God by Archangel Michael

Pour out, Thy Healing Angels,

Thy Heavenly Host upon me,

And upon those that I love,

Let me feel the beam of Thy

Healing Angels upon me,

The light of Your Healing Hands

I will let Thy Healing begin,

Whatever way God grants it,


Want to Learn More About The Angels?

My Ebook “Receiving Help from the Angels” is an excellent guide for developing a closer relationship with the angels. Find Out More Here

Sending you Angelic Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

How to Cut the Etheric Cords Binding You!

I have been teaching my clients for decades how to cut the cords that are keeping them attached to someone they have thought they let go of years ago.  Even though I teach this through my sessions it just doesn’t always seen to get through to my clients. So I have made a video on How to cut the Etheric Cords that are keeping you tied up.  I have had this video up for about one day and already clients that I’ve worked with for years are calling and saying now they really get what I was talking about and have done this process with the Archangels and feel a tremendous difference internally.

Take a few minutes and learn how to Work with the Archangels to be set free from relationships that you thought you had released. I have found that videos get through to people far more sometimes then my articles.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

To learn more about my work visit me at:

Contact Archangel Michael for Protection!

Contact Archangel Michael for Protection!
I have written several articles on different archangels and I just made a video on Archangel Michael and I know this video will be beneficial for you to learn more about this powerful first angel and his twin flame Faith. Michael can help you with victories over attachments along with his protective power.

So take a few moments relax and listen to all the attributes of Archangel Michael.

Angel blessings,
Cherokee Billie

It’s the Autumn Equinox!

Twice a year, during the earth’s orbit around the sun, we experience equal amounts of daylight and nighttime as the sun crosses over the equator. In the Spring, we call it Vernal Equinox, and every Fall in September it goes by the name of Autumnal Equinox.

But Autumnal Equinox is much more than marking the season before the nights get longer and the leaves change color, soon to parachute from branches to the ground below. Equinox, meaning “equal night”, has its share of folklore and tradition as well. Some are rooted in mythology, others are more grounded and carry their tradition to this day. Those surrounding Autumnal Equinox included the following:

One of eight Wiccan festivals that honor nature, Called Sabbats, falls near this date in September.

In Greek mythology, Persephone (formerly named Kore) returns to the Underworld on Autumnal Equinox to live with her husband, Hades, for half a year after living on Earth with her mother, Demeter, starting at Vernal Equinox.

Mabon, the Witch’s Thanksgiving, was a Welsh god and the male “counterpart” to the Persephone myth. Taken from his mother while only days old, Mabon gestates in the womb of Modron (the Great Mother) waiting to be reborn.

Higan (meaning “the other shore”—nirvana), a Buddhist memorial service, occurs around the time of Autumnal Equinox (as well as Vernal Equinox), for seven days and serves to comfort ancestral spirits with loved ones visiting family graves.

Michaelmas, the Christian holiday honoring the Archangel Michael, has pagan roots in Autumnal Equinox—end of harvest time, the marking of shorter days and longer nights, as well as the expulsion of Lucifer from Heaven by Archangel Michael.

Clearly, this time of year has a variety of cultural observances spread around the world, diverse in custom, yet united in season. This September, when experiencing one of the biannual “balancings of nature”, remember the multitude of celebrations that share the advent of Autumn.

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