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History of Halloween and Samhain

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It’s Halloween – the celebration the ancient Celts called Samhain. This marks the Celtic beginning of the New Year and winter. This celebration starts at sunset on October 31 to sunset November 1.

Samhain, means November in the Celtic culture, it is the Gateway to winter, where the veils are especially thin between these worlds of the seen and unseen. The Celts called the unseen realms the ‘Otherworld’, a place of beauty, rest, and renewal. Samhain is a time in the cycle of the year for slowing down. For connecting to your deep self and resting there in the healing power of your inner nature. It is the turning of the seasons where you can commune with the earth mother’s womb from which all that is created is birthed.

This marks the time to honor the worlds of the seen and unseen – our everyday world, and the worlds of imagination, mystery, and spirit.

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October When the 3rd Dimension and the Spirit Worlds Are Interwoven!

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This dimension that we live in and the spirit worlds meet in October.  Just so you know I’m neither a Witch nor a Wiccan. I wouldn’t know what to put in a cauldron besides soup.  What I am is a spiritual being who has taken time to explore the different dimensions.  I like to think of this time of the year as a sacred time to honor my dearly departed and to seek a closer relationship to The Creator.  I always sense the presence of the other worldliness at this special time of the year.  And I give thanks.

This is the time that the veil that separates us thins.  This has been known throughout the beginning of time. This is one of the reasons that nowadays there is a celebration in October called Halloween. Originally this was known as Samhain a Gaelic festival held on October 31–November 1. The Irish name Samhain is derived from Old Irish and means “summer’s end” and also November. It marked the end of the harvest, the end of the “lighter half” of the year and beginning of the “darker half”.


New Moon October 8, 2018 in Libra

Cat Moon

The New Moon on Monday the 8th of October 2018 is in Libra.  This New Moon foretells of wealth, honor, and success.  So be prepared for positive things coming your way.  This is an excellent time to visualize positive changes in your life.

Be open-minded and flexible to take advantage of some rare opportunities for riches and honor. The key to success is slow and patient plodding but there will be many temptations and distractions to overcome.


Is October Really the Most Spiritual Month of the Year?


AUTUMN GIFEnlighten Yourself in October.

Traditionally speaking October is a powerful spiritual month. Now is the time to tap into your spiritual inner self.

October is known for its haunted feel. Every day the air feels more and more alive with energy. Often we sense a presence just behind us. It is not your imagination. Spirit activity is more prevalent now than any other time of the year.

This dimension that we live in and the spirit world meets in October. This is the time that The Veil that separates us Thins.

This marks the time to honor the worlds of the seen and unseen – our everyday world, and the worlds of imagination, mystery, and spirit.


Full Harvest Moon September 24, 2018


Summer’s end is on the horizon, and the arrival of autumn will be heralded by a Harvest Moon on Sept. 24 in Aries.  In traditional Skylore, the Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, which will take place on Sept. 22. This is known as the Nut Moon. The Ripe Corn Festival is held in the early part of this moon to acknowledge the Corn Mother and the Earth Mother. The Brush Feast festival is also held. Fruits and nuts are still being gathered, much of which goes into breads. Hunting in earnest begins.

This is an extra special full moon because there are two major events occurring back to back. When this happens it is important to acknowledge this event in some special way. Number one is to thank The Creator for the beauty of his creation. Second is to spend some quiet time contemplating how remarkable the gift of life is. Take time to envision peace within yourself and the world. Peace has to start with you before it can go out into the world.



Autumn Equinox September 22, 2018

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Time to Let Go and Embrace the Beauty that is You!

We are about to make the shift from summer to fall.  You don’t even need to know the date as you notice the subtle shift of summer to fall.  Our internal clock always notice is the difference.

The September Fall/Autumn equinox occurs the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from north to south. This happens on September 22, 2018 and will mark the Autumn Equinox which signals the beginning of Fall in the northern hemisphere (our friends in the southern hemisphere are celebrating the Spring Equinox). There will be an equal amount of light and darkness during this time, and afterwards the nights grow longer and we head towards winter.

Technically, an equinox is an astronomical point and, due to the fact that the earth wobbles on its axis slightly, the date may vary by a few days depending on the year. The autumnal equinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator on its apparent journey southward, and we experience a day and a night that are of equal duration.  It is also only two days from the Harvest Full Moon September 24, 2018.  There is Lots of Lovely Spiritual Energy coming down through this week.  It is time for you to tap into all that is there for you.

The Autumn Equinox is a meaningful time of year to honor the harvest. Whether that be a “real” harvest of the things planted in your garden or the harvest of efforts and intentions for your life path that you set earlier in the year.

The changing seasons are key points in the cycle of life in nature, and within this cycle many ancient cultures perceived a powerful deeper message for humanity.

Although the nights are getting cooler, the days are still warm, and there is something magical in the sunlight, for it seems silvery and indirect.

This is the time to look back, not just on the past year, but also your life, and to plan for the future. Warm autumn days are followed by chill nights, as the Old Sun God returns to the embrace of the Goddess.

We must remember that all things must come to an end. So the Sun God journeys into the lands of winter and into the Goddess’ loving arms, but endings are a good time to celebrate our successes, thank our selves and those who helped us, and take part in the balance of life!

Indigenous cultures recognized earth-based wisdom and understood that the four focal points of the year: the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumn Equinox; illuminated stages of an inner spiritual journey – a spiritual cycle that the individual takes within themselves.

As we consciously link our awareness to nature’s cycles, our understanding of our own cycles begin to deepen.

On the Fall Equinox you may want to honor abundance and shift your consciousness in some way through a small ritual or ceremony.

  • Start by lighting a candle
  • Burn incense such as Pine
  • Give thanks for all that you have
  • Express gratitude for being here now.

Fall is the time of year that we set up our internal space and make room for what’s to come in the next year. We create fertile soil for our greater visions to grow but not by doing.

It is time to activate our new cycle and allow ourselves time to be silent.  By becoming quiet and listening to what is trying to emerge from within us we will grow to be the Divine Light in this dark world.

To welcome in this beautiful and magical season use some of the following natural elements to embrace all that is good.

Incense or scents to use: Pine, Sage, Sweetgrass or Myrrh.

Seasonal Herbs: Rue, Yarrow, Rosemary, Marigold, Sage, Walnut Leaves And Husks, Mistletoe, Saffron, Oat Leaves, and Apple.

At this time of year there is a great call for us to turn to something greater than ourselves.  When you learn to explore your inner self you will find your true spiritual path.

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Autumn blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Full Sturgeon Moon August 26, 2018


The Sturgeon Full Moon will grace the skies in Pisces on August 26, 2018

The pull of the Full Moon can bring many emotions to the surface.  This can be a sentimental time.  So, if you are starting to feel emotional, know that it’s part of this particular Full Moon.

The August Full Moon is named after the Native Americans who called it the Full Sturgeon Moon.  The natives always observed animal life and felt the animals were great teachers about life.  The Sturgeon is a large fish who is able to survive longer than almost any other fish. It is truly amazing that they can live up to 140 years.  They are native to the Great Lakes. The message is that you can survive and make it through any conditions be it summer, winter, spring or fall. 


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