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What Are StarSeeds? Are they Sprouting Life on Earth and Beyond?


While most of us feel at home here on Earth, there are those among us who feel the pull of something else, a greater calling from the stars. There are even those who feel that they’ve been here before – perhaps on a mission from another world entirely. These individuals belong to a special group people called “Star seeds.” Their greatest goal is to assist in the consciousness-raising of others, so that all people on planet Earth may be awakened to the dawning of a new era. And while Starseeds are indeed exceptional, they are not necessarily rare. You may even find yourself relating to the following descriptions…

“Star seeds” are essentially star-born humans; people who were first incarnated in the worlds of other solar systems and have since been reborn here. Starseeds often struggle to come into their own because they are not born with an innate awareness of their condition, and feel the same amnesia that Earth humans do regarding their identity and true origin. It takes a lot of self-reflection to realize one is a Starseed. Some people find themselves over years of discovery, while others obtain a level of self-realization from one specific catalyst. As their identities evolve, Starseeds start recovering more about past experiences and memories regarding their true life purpose.

While Starseeds do physically appear as regular humans, some of their senses are heightened to the point where others may find them odd. They may be able to acquire knowledge without consciously trying, guided by a certain inner-knowing. Others may feel a heightened sense of empathy in such a way that they are capable of telepathy or even genuine psychic work. Out-of-body experiences and astral projections are also easily obtainable for Starseeds, both of which being events that drive many Starseeds to discover their identity.

There is no “tried-and-true” way to discover if you’re a Starseed. But many Starseeds don’t need proof. Their intuitions tell them exactly who they are without minding left-brain or otherwise logical explanations–it just feels right. Several well-known figures within the scientific and creative communities have even spoken out on the fact that the Starseed or “star person” identity may apply to them. Sheldan Nidle, the founder of the UFO religion Planetary Activation Organization, feels his telepathic abilities and relationship with extraterrestrials make him a Starseed. Science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick, whose work was adapted into popular films such as Bladerunner, Minority Report, and Total Recall  also feels that he may be a Starseed, a theme which persists throughout many of his novels.

If you feel you may be a Starseed yourself, don’t be afraid to deepen your reflections. Many Starseeds are told they’re “antisocial” because they tend to feel ostracized or disinterested in many of the facets of modern day life. They may be plagued by an inescapable feeling of loneliness or inexplicable homesickness, as though they would rather be somewhere that doesn’t exist. Many Starseeds feel awkward in their bodies, leading them to often change their appearance, hair color or clothing style, and an intense love for science-fiction media is not uncommon either.

Living life as a Starseed, you may feel like you’re on an important mission, the details of which remain hazy. These are normal sensations for beings born of another world, even if they’re not pleasant. Just keep yourself open to new ideas and new emotions – the clarity may one day come to you, and staying open to the myriad of little ways you can put your potential to use may provide comfort. Simply identifying yourself as a Starseed and recognizing your purpose requires strength, persistence and a lot of patience.

We can take solace that our world is open to communicating with Starseeds and further understanding them. Mankind has attempted to reach out to extraterrestrials and real “star”/interplanetary travelers via satellite for years, as a fascination with the outer universe is common among both star-born humans and terrestrial Earth-born beings alike. Starseeds can provide us with many of the intuitive answers we are looking for, as they possess knowledge as vast as the cosmos itself.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

™©Cherokee Billie

New Moon –New Beginnings

A new moon ritual for new beginnings

The new moon occurs on October 13, 2015 marking the beginning of a new cycle.  The new moon is a time of initiation and new beginnings. It is the time to plant a seed of what you want to grow in your life. Making a wish, an intention, a promise, or a vow is a common custom. It is believed that as the moon grows, that your intention or goal will too usually by the time the moon completes its cycle and returns full circle to new again.

For example farmers knew this, so they started to plan their harvests and seeding around the moon cycles. These farmers noticed through time passing that the seeds that took the best were seeded during the new moon. The new moon is also a time of seeding ideas and intentions. Theses seeded ideas will then sprout with the coming full moon just as the seed lie waiting in darkness to break forth into the light to bring fruit, so should you allow the gestation and creation of such idea to bring about physical results.

Set your New Moon Intentions in Motion

  • New Moon Magic: Make a fresh start, begin a project, initiate a new relationship, start a new routine.
  • Create a ritual: Set an intention, write down your wishes, dreams, and desires.
  • Light a white/silver candle; imagine the new moving toward you in joyful, powerful ways.
  • Spend a few moments breathing in the energy of this new reality each day, making it more and more tangible.
  • Work this for one moon cycle and re-access and energize on the next new moon if needed.

New Moon Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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Jamie’s Journey into The Spirit World

I have worked with many different people all over the years and some really leave a mark upon my spirit. Jamie is one of them. She first contacted me through my YouTube Video. Her fiancé had just committed suicide and she was four months pregnant.  I sent her a message and explained how I could take her into spirit and she would be able to speak to her deceased fiancée. She decided to do the journey with me and here in her own words is what she experienced. So take a few moments and listen as Jamie tells in detail what she experienced doing the Guided Journey with me.

If you would like to learn more about My Guided Journey Into Spirit Click Here.  I can assure you that it is a life changing event.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Celebrating John Lennon’s 75th Birthday

NYC copia

My entire life changed when I was twelve years old and the Beatles came to America in 1964 which opened up the whole world for me.  Their music turned me on so much that it was just like I had gone into another dimension. I understood the music and found it waking me up as though my previous twelve years I had been asleep.

The first time I saw their photograph John Lennon struck me as someone unique. My girlfriends all were in love with Paul McCartney. I was not in love with John, but when I heard him in interviews I loved his wit and I bought his first book, “In His Own Write” and found his humor to be the same as mine. The music of the Beatles was magic at that time, and it certainly lit a fire under me that has not extinguished to this day.

For those of you who were not alive when the Beatles blasted across America you will not easily understand the significance of their impact upon not only America, but the entire world.  They changed our culture. The Beatles arrived in America just under three months after the assassination of President John Kennedy. This assassination had brought America into a massive depression and the fresh lively spirit of the Beatles was exactly what the country needed to boost itself.

I was fortunate to see the Beatles perform live three times fortunately I was close to the stage the last time I saw them, and it was indescribable. It was a lasting memory. I followed the Beatles faithfully until their breakup and from there I continue to follow each one’s music. But as always John seemed to be expressing the feelings that I had.

John was always the most outspoken, and, at one point in 1966, he was condemned in the United States because of stating that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.  He was not saying that they were greater than Jesus but just that their popularity extended farther. It was the truth at that time.  From then on he received death threats and was told that he would be assassinated during their 1966 United States tour.  This is one of the main reasons the Beatles stopped performing live.

Fame was a great pressure on John, and he looked for other avenues to explore having conquered the world.  He discovered LSD and used it to open up his creativity.  From there he discovered meditation and went to India to practice and learn from a master.  He met Yoko Ono, and they fell in love even though they were both married at the time.  He felt Yoko was his soul mate, and they were together until the end of his life.

They started a movement for peace and love.  He gained new world recognition for his peace movement and his views against all wars.  He expressed his views through his music and many people paid attention.  His goal was to have people get along and follow the path of love and peace.  For a time John went into seclusion, but in 1980 he was making a comeback with a new album, the first in five years, and ready to get back into his many causes.

I want to remember all that he did in his short 40 years.  He definitely kept me aware of what was going on in the world through his music and his peaceful demonstrations.  He gave a voice to the consciousness that so many were feeling and unable to find the words or ways to express it.  John did.

Each year new people discover John Lennon for the first time.  In Havana, Cuba, they have a wonderful bronze statue of John Lennon sitting casually on a park bench as though he is observing those who pass by.  Recently a teenager asked me if I knew who John Lennon was. I just had to smile at that question.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 35 years since John was assassinated, but his legacy will live forever and that speaks greatly for the man. Because John was only 40 years old when he died he will always be remembered young and I wonder what he would have been like at 75 years of age. He still would have been turning out fabulous music and art, just as Paul McCartney, Ringo, and George Harrison have done throughout the years.

I continue to listen to the Beatles and John Lennon’s music and always enjoy it. I am thankful that I lived in the most exciting time there was the 1960’s and I was able to experience Beatlemania full on.

So Happy Birthday John and thank you for everything you gave us. You will always live in our hearts.

Worldwide he is loved.  His legacy will never be forgotten.

I love John,
Cherokee Billie

October When The Worlds Are Interwoven

This dimension that we live in and the spirit world meet in October.  This is the time that the veil that separates us thins.  This has been known throughout the beginning of time. This is one of the reasons that nowadays there is a celebration in October called Halloween. Originally this was known as Samhain a Gaelic festival held on October 31–November 1. The Irish name Samhain is derived from Old Irish and means “summer’s end” and also November. It marked the end of the harvest, the end of the “lighter half” of the year and beginning of the “darker half”.

To find out what this October can bring into your life listen to my video.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Your Choices Create Your Future!

Every choice you make creates the futureHaving worked for many decades as a spiritual advisor, what I see on a regular basis is that people do not want to take responsibility for their actions or choices. When things do not work out the way that they want they tend to blame somebody, even God.

Life is not going to always go the way you want it to. It is important to think about your decisions in life. Do not make hasty decisions because you have to live with the consequences.

Today’s society is teaching that everyone should be treated equally and there should be no winners and losers. That’s not realistic. In life there are times you win and times you lose.

Life is full of uncertainty. That’s part of the adventure of life and the way that we grow is through the things that happen to us.

So take a few moments and think before you make a decision. I always advise my clients to think on something for at least 24 hours before they act on it. 24 hours can make a big difference in how you see something.

Whatever you do in life take your time and go slowly. The rewards are enormous when you do and you can create a better tomorrow.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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This Season of Change

282986_427893833899500_1229462032_nNow is the time to fully embrace Mother Nature’s wonderful and colorful changes. Be flexible like this season’s and willing to change for the better. Remember it is never too late to change your life.

My wish for you is that something always great and good happens in your life this month and every month… May all your dreams come true …

Sending You Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Some Good Advice from a Pumpkin

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