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911-remember1There’s no way you can forget when you heard about the attack on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001. It definitely was a moment that is frozen into our brains. So much has changed in the past thirteen years and many of those changes are based upon this moment.

Individuals were changed. The world was changed. And the country was changed.

Those that passed that day will never be forgotten and they will never forget us as well!

I lived very close to Los Angeles International Airport and what struck me as most eerie that day was the silence at the airport when all planes were grounded. The sound of silence was deafening! That was as close as I came to the attacks.

Remember all the innocent people that lost their lives that day. We know that their souls are at rest.

We honor all of the emergency responders…

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  1. I was in Waukesha talking to a writer from New York that morning when he told me the tower was hit by a plane and he asked me to remember him. I never heard from him again.

    I then went to see Mark Shultz the first boy who loved me in high school when he was a junior and I was a sophomore. He was afraid what his coworkers would think of me showing up at his work when his wife did not come but I did. I tried to see him because he was the only person I did not want to leave this world and not see for the last time. He took me to McDonald’s and bought me a fish sandwich.

    I then went to the 5 corners an old Indian Trail in Milwaukee at the gazebo and God revealed his Angel’s to me. They were flying all over the sky.

    This is my September 11, 2001 story.

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