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Who would have thought that there was a day dedicated to psychics?  I accidentally stumbled upon this information and I was happy to see that this is a real event.  The first Sunday of August each year is dedicated to Psychics.  This year it falls on my mother’s birthday and she was a gifted clairvoyant.  She could read people in a minute and I feel that between her and my father that’s how I gained my gifts and skills.

History and origins… Its origin dates back to nineteenth century England. It became known nationally in 1965. Reports suggest that well known Broadway Press Agent Richard. R. Falk dreamed up the holiday as a PR stunt in order to promote a number of celebrity psychics who he managed at the time. It remains unknown whether the stunt improved business for Falk and his clients, but the legacy of National Psychic Day still remains, reminding us to celebrate psychics and psychic abilities each and every year.

So how are you going to acknowledge National Psychic Week? One of the simplest ways to celebrate this week is to talk to a psychic! Do you have a particularly strong connection with a certain psychic? Maybe you have a reader in mind whom you’d like to get back in touch with.  Remember I am available seven days a week if you have not had a reading in awhile now would be a good time to check in and see what is coming up for you!  Click Here For More Information

Hone Your Psychic Abilities

Another way you can celebrate Psychic Day/Week is to embrace your own intuition and psychic abilities.  Everyone has psychic skills, it’s just learning to work with them and trust those natural instincts which are psychic.  There are a number of ways you can practice developing your gift, but one of the first steps you need to take is to accept your natural ESP and acknowledge that it does in fact exist. It will take time for your conscious and subconscious to connect and communicate effectively so remember to be patient as you practice.

Why not pick up my class on developing your psychic intuitive self?  You can check out this audio download here. 

Let National Psychic Week serve as a reminder that psychics are just like everyone else. Many are experienced professionals who have dedicated a number of years to providing a valuable and intuitive service to others.  

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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