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Being a Spiritual Advisor/Psychic the most frequent reason people call is about love, romance, and finding a soul mate.  Often people think they have found the right one and it isn’t the one for them.  When people contact me about the person they’re interested in or dating and I tell them it’s not going to work they are always disappointed.  Most do not call back because they just don’t want to accept that answer.  Those that do call back get the help they really need.  Unfortunately when you are involved emotionally you cannot see that there may be a reason why this particular relationship is not going to work out for you.  My job is to see the bigger picture and to know what’s coming down the road.  Hence being clairvoyant.

I want to share 2 recent stories about successful relationships that I saw for my clients.

Sarah contacted me three years ago to help on her spiritual path.  Sarah was in her mid forties and was looking to find a relationship after her divorce.  She tested every online dating site and went out with several men that were disastrous.  She would contact me when she met someone new and I would give a reading on each individual and saying that they were not right for her.  The last one she met through the Internet was a demonic person.  I was the one who saw this and told her, which she of course rejected.  Yet, her life went in a downward spiral after becoming involved with this man.  It included going into a coma for a month, losing her job, and career.  But she could not let go of this guy who was totally and completely wrong for her.  Believe me it frustrates me often more than the client that they are not finding their true love.  In desperation three months ago I became adamant that she let go of this man and I told her that I saw the right man coming to her door.  This is not something I say often.  Within a week a rental home she lives in needed repairs and the person that was sent out to do the repairs really blew her away.  They started dating and as of last week became engaged.  The right man did come to her door!

My first encounter with Joseph as a client was about two years ago.  He is a young man in his late twenties and of course is looking for true love.  Over a bit of time I got a clear picture of who the woman he would meet would be.  I saw the look on her eyes as she looked at him.  I found a picture of a young woman with that look and sent it to him two years ago.  I told him that when he found someone who looked at him exactly like this it would be the woman he would marry.  He dated a few women here and there and would ask me about them in I kept getting no that they were not the right one.  Less than two months ago he met a young lady and I knew this would be the one he would marry.  They met in the USA, but she lives in another country.  Last week he went to visit her and I told him that when they were together he would know if this was the one.  It scares him because he’s never felt such deep love before, but I told him he must take the chance on love.  I spoke with him last night, while he is in this other country, and asked him if she looked at him the way I had seen.  He said, “Yes, she definitely has that look.” I have no doubt that they will be married.  It makes me happy for him as he is such a wonderful man and will be a terrific husband and father.

If you want to find true love or think you have found it and want to know more contact me, for my Clairvoyant/Psychic Services, because these examples I gave are recent.  Over the past 10 years the amount of people that I have helped find true love is quite astounding.  How I receive these answers is from Spirit, I do not use Tarot cards or any other instrument, and the accuracy is always 100%.

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Love and Light,
Cherokee Billie

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  1. Inspiring stories Cherokee. Thanks for sharing, your gift always amazes me.

  2. Addylicious Joyal said:

    Good Morning Sister 🌷 Prayers sent for many as always xoxo just taking a moment to say helllllloooooo and what a lovely topic LOVE. ..I wish you a Very Blessed New Day 🌹 and a Blessing filled week ahead. .with love and hugggggggggs from Canada eh 🍁 Miss you xo 😙 Enjoy the New Day ✌ ❤ and Prayers for no pain. .and more steps you’re able to make 😊 at the moment and for some time now I’ve been spending a lot of time with my Elder in hospital and yes She’s Hanging on and it’s very difficult to deal with. .I keep Light Always flowing and of course it helps. .I couldn’t leave this persons side the other morning before someone else showed up. .I couldn’t leave them alone even though I felt so many in Spirit around and patiently waiting. …Hmmmm ❤ ok 💖 that’s me ttyl Sweetie think I’m babbling as my mind and heart just can’t bare to think this lovely person could be suffering and there’s no clear way to tell. …Something is being done between here and home as I don’t feel like they’re here at all. .In the Graces of the Creator / God and all the Wisdom and Love You Hold. .If there’s suffering please let them know as I said not to be scared and let this Wonderful Spirit take the Journey Home 🌷 it’s never any easier Sister and I don’t know why I expect these to get easier. .Yes it’s a heartbreaker. …I Respect and understand the decision .. Hmmmm ❤ doesn’t mean I have to like it ♡ Hard to find good people these days and all the great teachers seem to be going. .With Respect for All Relations 🌎 and Elders 🙇 sorry for babbling uhhggg 😑 Ndn smile joke. ..yes that’s a thing lol

    On Jul 15, 2017 10:24 AM, “Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor” wrote:

    > Cherokee Billie posted: ” Being a Spiritual Advisor/Psychic the most > frequent reason people call is about love, romance, and finding a soul > mate. Often people think they have found the right one and it isn’t the > one for them. When people contact me about the person they’re int” >

    • I know that you are going through great sadness watching a beautiful soul pass into spirit. It’s hard for you because you’re here in this third dimension. But if you can take yourself outside of yourself for a moment and see the bigger picture you would realize that they’re being born again into their true self on the other side. They were here for a time to learn and to help others and now it’s their time to be rewarded and to go home. Ask Archangel Gabriel to help them passed peacefully and I know he will help. It is never easy to see someone you care about past, but you have been a great help and comfort to them and will continue to be so over these last days. I will keep praying for you my dear. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  3. Linda Dumont said:

    Good morning Billie and God bless you! Love is such a special experience and when we feel it and share it, even greater. Finding it harder to do, indeed. I got lucky, but I watch my children struggling in their relationships; married, divorced twice, and only in their forties. What has happened to the essence of our very purpose in being here? to find Love? Disheartening. Are we willing to do what it takes? or are we all just feel good fairies now. Love is a sacrifice, a compromise, an acceptance, a give and take, a constant effort, if it is to endure. We all need it… comes in many colors and flavors, but it takes work! I know you know! And I love you! Linda

    • Such words of wisdom from you my dear. Love is a difficult thing to find in this world and when you do you are more than blessed. Unfortunately in today’s society everything is disposable including the commitment to love. Love is hard work in many ways and people expect it to be magical. In many ways it is magical, but it takes work to keep the magic alive. Most people are not willing to do the work that it takes to keep love alive. You brought up some wonderful points as you always do and I’m so glad to see you comment once again. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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