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Brian Jones the founder of the Rolling Stones died 48 years ago today of an accidental drowning.  It is sad that so many people do not know that the originator of the rolling stones as Brian Jones.  He recruited Mick Jagger, Keith Richards as well as Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman into the group.  In the beginning he was their manager.  He was the most versatile artist of the group.  He could play any instrument to perfection.  The unusual musical sounds that The Rolling Stones had, up until Brian death in 1969, came from the mind of Brian Jones. 

It is unfortunate that like so many others of his time he became heavily addicted to alcohol and drugs.  It caused him to go down emotionally and artistically.  Nonetheless he should be remembered for starting a group that exists to this day.

We will always remember and miss you dear Brian.  Rest gently sweet spirit.

Bless your spirit,
Cherokee Billie


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