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Neverland Mala Beads

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My dear friend Jacinta makes handmade jewelry and spiritual items. This lovely prayer mala is available for sale at her store. Please take a moment and check out not only this item but all the others that she hand makes.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

From Jacinta:
When I think of Neverland, I think of Peter Pan, Michael Jackson, joy, happiness, youth, childhood, exuberance, playfulness, sunshine, laughter, smiles….Life. With a capital L. Life as it should be lived and enjoyed. That was my intention when creating the Neverland mala; to inspire people to live Life as they want it. A Life well Lived.

The Neverland mala is made up of 106 green wooden beads and two rudraksha beads, making it a traditional 108 bead mala. It also features a Tiger’s eye guru bead, strung on hemp with a hemp tassel and a star in the neck. Green is the colour of hope and health, rudraksha are the oldest prayer beads on the planet and are said to increase clarity and bring peace. Tiger’s Eye is known for removing fear and anxiety and promoting joy and happiness. So just follow the second star to the right and straight on till morning…off to Neverland

What is a mala?

A mala is a set of beads to be used for meditation and prayer, but it can also double as a necklace. A mala is not a toy to be played with. When you hold your mala, turn it by using your thumb and middle finger. Holding the mala in your hand turn each bead with your thumb and middle finger. Once you go around all 108 beads, you arrive at the beginning and at the guru bead, and this is not a bead to be counted. You have reached 108 and are finished. Take a deep breath and relax.

Why 108?

108 is a very significant number all throughout the ages. No matter your tradition and belief. Some affiliate 108 with something in their religion, others do not. I think 108 is a magical number and you may disagree. The meaning of 108 is open to interpretation, which is pretty cool anyway.

Jacinta’s Store


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  1. Lovely! I love spiritual jewelry!

  2. Cherokee Billie, I am truly thankful and surprised that you wrote about my mala here on your blog! I really didn’t expect that! I only have 3 malas for sale at the moment, as the two shops that sells the green beads are currently all out, so fingers crossed they’ll get the beads back in stock as soon as possible! 🙂

    • It’s a pleasure to share your beautiful work with the world. I know that you’ll have more of your beads to work and sell many of these beautiful Neverland Malas. Continue to be guided by all of your spiritual helpers and I believe you will come up with a lot more spiritual items to sell. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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