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Well we made it through another year.  Many people did not.  Although 2016 was a heavy emotional year for so many people and it is taken a hard toll on many of us we are still here. After months of being faced with and accepting and dealing with the loss of our spiritual connections, we now enter 2017 where our healing finally can begin and let me explain how in this video. Want to know what is ahead for you this year contact me for a private reading.

Sending Love and Light,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. Regarding relationships, all I can say is: I’ve tried to communicate, but in today’s world, more and more people seem to favour the “f*ck first, greet afterwards”-method, which I don’t follow. I’m still on the ground, because if I try to soar higher (AKA believing), it always comes back to slap me in the face. For two years now I’ve fully believed that my days as a single lady were over, and nope. 8 1/2 years now. As for spirituality… I must be doing something wrong. I pray for answers to specific questions in my dreams, and then I dream of murder scenes I’ve seen in films. I mean…!?

    • I cannot tell you exactly what is going on for you in this brief forum. I recommend trying to protect yourself before sleep so you don’t have these nightmares. It’s important to avoid watching anything on television or the Internet that is stimulating before bedtime as that can lead to disruptive sleep patterns and bad dreams. Never give up on believing that you will have love come into your life. You’re still young and there is plenty of time. Wishing you the very best now and always, Cherokee Billie

  2. Thank you Cherokee. ❤

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