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Have a Candy Cane Hunt!


Imagine the excitement your children or grandchildren will have as they search through the branches or inside the house for candy canes. The surprise and delight as they find one is priceless.

Want to hold your own candy cane hunt?

You can use either fake or real candy canes for your hunt.  You can use Red and White Pipe Cleaners twisted together to make quick candy canes or buy plastic candy canes and fill them with treats.  Head outdoors to hide the candy canes, hanging them from various tree limbs and shrubs.  Or, hide them indoors for a fun activity when you’re stuck inside.

Then it’s time for the hunt! Give a countdown and let the fun begin

It is truly magical watching kids race to find candy canes that are hidden among the otherwise barren branches.

Now, grab those candy canes and get ready to hear some joyous laughter.

Have Fun,
Cherokee Billie 🙂


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  1. Linda Dumont said:

    Oh what fun!!! I am going to do this with my Grandkids! Merry Billie, Merry me, Merry be!!!

  2. Such a fun, great idea, I love candy canes! Will write soon.

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