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Be authentic. Seek to be authentic. Be impeccable with all things, people, words, actions, thoughts. Move into this piece by piece. Choice by choice comfortably. It is a step by step journey of which you must allow yourself to be gentle with yourself and not judge yourself. Purge yourself of emotions, people, conditions, thoughts, jobs, relationships that do not resonate with you. Let yourself be and let all others be.

Follow your own higher heart, despite what anyone may say, think, do, comment, look, or ridicule. (This can be tough, but the Light always outshines)

Your higher heart is your connection to your Divinity and will guide you lovingly on your path, but your mind, your head…well, it is only existing in a small limited programmed place of many falsehoods and 3 dimensional (when there are endless dimensions) space. The heart travels all places and spaces of Gods’ creation and functions from the HIGHEST levels. Tune into for that connection, loving guidance and support.


Blessings to all upon this holy day, holy as each always are.
Cherokee Billie



Comments on: "Be Who You Are At Your Heart Level" (2)

  1. Linda Dumont said:

    Thank you for this gentle reminder… such a timely moment…….for it is when we tune into our hearts, that the Highest good, for us individually and collectively, is realized. When my heart speaks, my mind follows, thus my actions. Love you and blessings to you, Linda

  2. It’s so good to hear from you again. I’m glad my little reminder was helpful for you and hopefully for others. Learning to be yourself is not always easy. I know that you are more in tune to who you really are then many people are. I congratulate you for that. Sending love, Cherokee Billie ❤

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