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The Orionid meteor shower, where Earth passes through debris left by the Halley comet (officially known as Comet 1P), is currently peaking. The shower started on October 2 and was visible for around a week but now is reaching its most intense period during October 20 and 21.

Although, if you miss the meteors there’s still the opportunity to seem them all the way through to around November 7.

The shower happens every year in October and sees the meteors travelling at around 41 miles per second – this is a relative speed of 148,000 mph (238,000 km/h). Usually, the meteors appear fairly faint in the sky but in areas with dark skies, little light pollution, and minimal cloud, there is still a chance of them being visible.

Enjoy the show,
Cherokee Billie



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  1. Thanks Cherokee! Wish I could see it! ❤

  2. Thanks Cherokee. Would love to be able to see it. ❤

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