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army dog tags

No, I am not talking about the cereal Lucky Charms.

What helps you feel confident and protected?

Why Do We Touch Wood For Luck?
Where does the saying knock on wood come from? This practice originates from the Ancient Britons who believed that trees had spirits. They would touch the trees out of respect to the spirits. The practice has remained over the years with people touching trees and later wood for luck. Of course American Indians have always known that everything is living and has a spirit.

Lucky charms DO work: Study Proves They Increase Chances of Success. Read more here. 

What helps me feel lucky is my father’s army dog tags, which I wear on a chain around my neck at all times. When I’m feeling stressed or just need to feel his wisdom and I hold the tags in my hands. When I do that I calm down.

Tell Me What is Your Lucky Charm?

Good luck,
Cherokee Billie

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Comments on: "Do you have a Lucky Charm?" (6)

  1. Linda Dumont said:

    Well, you certainly struck a chord in me! I am covered in them! Superstitious is my middle name! I knock on wood (my head), frequently, carry a green rabbit’s foot on my key chain, guardian angel on my visor in my car, wear a green Vogel glass pendant, full moon ring, crystals in my drinking water, and carry lucky stones and crystals in my car and purse! I think I have it covered! Love fortune cookies, and wisdom and angel cards, AND Cherokee Billie!!! I am one lucky girl!!! Linda

    • You definitely win the prize for having the most Lucky Charms. I think more of us could use a bit of what you are doing. I do surround myself in color with what I wear every day. I believe that that picks up the positive vibrations. I really appreciate your comment. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  2. I have a few lucky charms. One is a small Zuni (I believe) vintage flower pendant, made from silver, turquoise and coral. The other one is a crystal heart pendant, and of course my moonstone.

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