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wounded healersIf you are experiencing trials and tribulations in your life, congratulations, you are doing things right.  You are learning lessons that otherwise you would not understand. You are in the process of recreating who you are all the way down to your soul.

Many wounded healers, light workers, spiritually gifted people, on the planet at this time, seem to experience obstacles, challenges, adversity, and health issues in their lives. In so doing, we learn compassion and empathy through these trials.  This also helps us have transcendence through the undertaking of our own healing journey, which is ever evolving, as is our consciousness.

Often wounded healers have to experience many of the hardships of life so that will have true understanding of what another person is going through.  This makes you wiser and stronger and able to light the way for others on their path.  Whenever you look at anyone who has been a strong figure of light you’ll see that they have went through great trials and tribulations.

I believe that most people who are spiritually gifted, such as wounded healers, and light workers, suffer from physical problems.

Yet, they tend to be more in spirit, as this is what sustains them.  So if you encounter a spiritual person who has chronic illnesses do not think that they cannot help you or they’re not trying to help themselves.  Their gifts come from a higher source and everything is working out as it should be with them.

What I have gone through has been for my spiritual growth.  I never would have known who I really was If everything would have gone smoothly in my life.  The challenges that I face would flatten most people and I keep going.  I have discovered that I am far stronger than people who have physical strength. I often see them crumble emotionally over things that are easy obstacles for me. I used to see myself as a weak person, but now I have grasped the fact that I am strong.

So my message to all of you spiritual workers who like me suffer from chronic illness.  Do not feel you are not helping others because you are – far more than you know.  Keep going my friends.

The depth of your conviction about the life’s work you are called to fulfill enlarges the borders of what is possible for you to accomplish, despite whatever limitations you are going through at this time.

If you are experiencing challenges in your life do not feel that you are off your chosen path.  Realize this is a growing experience, even if other people do not get it. Keep taking one step at a time on your path.  Remain strong in your mission in life. Do not allow yourself to grow weary, because the rewards are coming.  Sometimes quickly and sometimes at a later date.  The true reward comes when we pass on and are shown all the people whose lives we have touched.

Let Your Light Shine!

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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Comments on: "Are You a Wounded Healer?" (10)

  1. Sharon Verrechia said:

    This is good information, and I think it’s why I seem to take care of everyone that is close to me. Thank you Billie.

    • Sometimes it’s helpful to understand what you really are. I’m sure that you do a lot for so many. Bless you for caring for others. Sending love, Cherokee Billie

  2. Linda Dumont said:

    Billie… inspire me! You are what I like to call a “wounded warrior”! And that is why I believe you when you say….keep going, never give in or give up, let your Light shine, climb every mountain, face your fears, speak your truth, live each day to its fullest, stay the course, keep on your path…..and more! Because you can……I can! I like to think of myself these days as a waterfall……I just let the bad stuff wash right over me, let it fall away from me. I can’t allow myself to take it on. It is painful, hurtful and toxic. Open arms reaching for the heavens…..heart overflowing with Love! Linda

    • What a wonderful way to see yourself – as a waterfall! Keep flowing and adapting to your surroundings. That definitely is you. I know that you share love with everyone. Sending you many blessings, Cherokee Billie ❤

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  4. “If you are experiencing trials and tribulations in your life, congratulations, you are doing things right.” >>> I cried when I read this…
    Thank you again Bonnie for this inspiring post. Your messages come from Above. When I read you posts, they touch me to my very inner core (they “hit home”). I know you are such a “Wounded Healer” and I believe in your gifts, thank you for the Light you share with the world. I admire you very very much, God bless you!!!
    Although I have am not physically ill (or who knows? cause I hate going to the doctors) I feel as if I am “wounded” spiritually, cause I always carry sadness with me and can’t seem to find reasons to be truly happy. I see all the suffering around and all the injustice… well, I know things will change, but can’t help feeling… empty.
    Also maybe because I have no true purpose, or so it seems, since I would like to do more to make a difference. I guess I have to settle for sacrificing my ego and just doing everything in my power to offer what others expect from me.
    I am learning every day, and I will follow your advice, “Keep taking one step at a time on your path”. I hope I will learn how it is to just love everyone and have no trace of evil in my heart.
    Much love and strength,

    • m sure this message was meant for you. You are on your path, you just don’t see it. Trust that you are being guided and eventually you will see you the direction you are headed for. Even when you’re on a path that does not mean you are filled with happiness, there can be great sorrow, but you have no idea who you may be helping along the way. Please keep that in mind. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie ❤

  5. Randi Fortuin said:

    This one touched my soul deeply… I have many friends that tell me its my thoughts causing my health problems… I have such trouble accepting this! I have felt that I did choose this path so that I could help others… reach out to others without judgment… give love to someone that most turn away from, etc. I thank you for this post… I think it healed a part of me that has been doubting for a very long time. I am so thankful for you Cherokee Billie!

  6. sensitive2energy said:

    Namaste Beloved, this explains all that I have been dealing with, I just had a heat stroke 7/9/16,& I saw the light again.My body and spirit has taken a toll on my being, but I keep pressing on, here I thought money wasn’t my friend anymore. I find pennies, dimes,quarters and $ money is my friend.Thanks for this article it hit home,I can relate with everyone on this planet.♡♡♡

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