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Create magic and enjoy the wonder of a child’s imagination as they watch the Jelly Beans grow into their own special Lollipop Garden.

The night before Easter, have your children plant their Jelly Beans. Have fun as your child carefully digs little holes and “plant” a jelly bean in each hole. Let them rest overnight.  Once they are asleep, carefully place a lollipop where each bean had been planted and in the morning, your children/grandchildren will have an amazing surprise.

Your children/grandchildren will delight when they see what grew overnight – a Lollipop Garden. This makes a fun twist on the traditional Egg Hunt as well.

If you have an incredibly perceptive child, make sure you replace the same color sucker with the same color jelly bean that your child planted.

Get your little ones really excited about what can happen when we all choose and share our joy, and the impact it can have in the lives of others. Use this as a teaching tool for the character quality, you can ask your kids questions as you are planting the jelly beans, and use statements such as, “What do you think happens when we plant seeds of loving kindness every day?” Or “Why is it so important to plant seeds of joy into other people’s lives?”

Not only will you children or grandchildren have fun, it will help them think about others who may not be as fortunate and what their needs maybe. This helps instill what the true meaning of Easter is about.

Easter blessings,
Cherokee Billie


Comments on: "How to Plant a Lollipop Garden for Easter" (2)

  1. Linda Dumont said:

    Oh boy! Billie! What a fantastic idea! As a child, my folks were the masters at surprising us with Easter baskets and an egg hunt, and always tucked into the basket was some special little something…..I marveled how they could pull it off with 8 active children, but they did! I was a believer in all the magic til I left home! Now I carry it on and on! A kid at heart! But this lollipop garden is grand! Can’t wait! Happy Easter, all!! Linda

    • When I saw this on Pinterest I thought of you. I think it’s a creative and wonderful idea and a good way to inspire the children with ideas of thinking of others. I love how much you do working with children. You are my favorite fairy godmother! Have a wonderful Easter. Sending love, Cherokee Billie

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