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This full moon is on the date of 222, which in Angel numbers this means keep the faith, that all of the letting go and releasing that you are doing is on the right path! This is the most Cleansing Moon of the year. Time to let go.  On February 22, 2016 – no matter where you are on Earth, look eastward as soon as darkness falls for the February full moon! Then watch for the dazzling planet Jupiter to follow the moon into the eastern sky somewhat after nightfall but by early evening.

February’s full moon is also known as the Snow Moon, Ice Moon, Hunger Moon, and Cleansing Moon. Native American tribes of the north and the east called it the snow moon as it use to be the time that the greatest amount of snowfall came. The name Hunger moon refers to the difficulty to gather food this time of year. The Celts called it the Moon of Ice.

This moon represents the coming of spring. It’s the time when the seeds start stirring to life under the cold ground. The farmers start planning crops for their gardens. The animals will start to feel their young in their bellies as they are readying for their spring births. The long sleepy winter is finally ending and the earth is in its early awakening to the longer days in the warmth of the sun.

February Full Moon imageA simple ritual you can do on the full moon to invoke the angels.  Light a White or silver candles which suggest the lunar powers, though you can use any color that evokes your ideal of high energy or fulfillment. Large, spherical glow candles would be nicely symbolic. For candle scent, anointing oil, or incense, the fragrances that seem to be most popular for Full Moon blends are lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, lemon, and, rose.  Though any pleasing fragrance will do. A simple prayer of thanks and gratitude will bring about untold blessings.

Focus on new beginnings of your dreams and goals for this year. Work to realize where you past mistakes may have been, forgive and love yourself, and plan for your future. Ask the Creator for blessings for all on this planet.

Full Moon Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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  • What should you embrace?
  • What energy should you work on bringing to you this cycle?
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Comments on: "February 22, 2016 Full Snow Moon" (14)

  1. Are you kidding me?! I can hardly believe this! Yesterday, last night, I wrote on my blog about 22:22 haunting me on the clock and feeling there was something, someone, trying to tell me something. I searched up any possible significance and wrote. Now this! I will be watching and listening, especially on that date. Thanks for this. It confirms what I suspected.

  2. It also falls on Sybil Leek’s Birthday!

  3. robjam972000 said:

    Very cool. I’ve been seeing triple numbers for ages and they intensified last year. I do see 222 often with 444, 333, and most recently a lot of 888 and 777. Susan XOX

  4. Lovely ritual. I will be trying it. Thanks Cherokee

  5. awesome post Billie the banner poster (quickening moon and text written is great) looking forward to the next full moon I have my frankinsense resin and getting more charcoal to do my ritual prayers will look for Jupiter too! many blessings dear friend

    divine love Jenny

    • I love hearing about all of your preparations for the full moon. Sounds like you are more than good to go. I’m sure there will be an outpouring of blessings for you. Sending love, Cherokee Billie

  6. Thank you for this, I do feel it’s a good time “to let go”. Time to release all things not needed in your life.

    Thanks and love.
    God bless

  7. Linda DuMont said:

    Something stirs in my belly……I feel new life forming…..not in the human form, but a spiritual form……an awakening, a blessing……as I shed my wintry skin, in preparation for the cleansing of my spirit…..a breath of reassurance encourages me to let go….let go of that that no longer serves me. I thrust through the birth canal of my own limitations into the Light…..renewed, reborn and willing to go the next leg of this journey we call life. Angels surround me and you, Billie. In love, Linda

    • Wow, what a beautiful statement you wrote. So happy to hear that you are coming forward into the new you. I know that you are growing spiritually daily and I’m so happy to hear this wonderful message. Thank you for sharing it. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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