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Feb.10, 2016 on the Radio

PsychicAfterHours_Ep2 2-10-16

Join me Wednesday night, February 10, 2016, on the program “Psychic After Hours” with your hosts, Troy Griffin and Ashley Pope. I am going to be their special guest and we are going to be discussing my Guided Journey Into Spirit. I will take calls live! To speak with us live, call us at area code (646) 564-9790

The program starts at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, 7:00 PM Central Time, 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Click Here To Listen To The Program Live.

If You Cannot Listen To The Program Live Remember You Can Listen To It Anytime You Like 24 Hours A Day By Clicking Here.

Topic On The Radio Program And Call In For Your Questions
Most people are familiar with the concept of channeling the deceased.  My “Guided Journey into the Spirit World,” can be the missing link that can help you find your answers. In the past, I did channeling for many years. I became more and more uncomfortable doing this process as I felt it was wrong to command a spirit to come on demand.  Sometimes, I had departed souls tell me to leave them alone. I stopped channeling three years ago because I have found a better and gentler approach to communicating with a deceased loved one, Spirit Guides and even Angels, which I call Guided Journey into the Spirit World. I use this method over the traditional channeling because it is more effective than channeling a deceased loved one, because you can see your departed loved one personally and have a conversation with them without a third party involved. You have the connection and with my guidance you will be able to make direct contact.

My Credentials:
Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic Practitioner, and Intuitive. Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Service and is an Ordained Minister. A Published Author on and Radio Talk Show Host, my Articles has been featured and rated Platinum by as an expert author, and as a certified author. After 30 years of study, practice, and different experiences as a minister, I feel blessed to use these gifts to help others.

Many Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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